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Belgian Waffle Franchise, Invest in popular Franchise, Strategies for Opening

Belgian Waffle Franchise, Invest in popular Franchise, Strategies for Opening

Belgian Waffle Franchise: A burning passion for quality, consistency, innovation and adding value to the QSR space is the reason why our food franchise, The Belgian Waffle Company, came into existence.

Owned and operated by Bloombay Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Ltd., a Belgian waffle company born out of passion and an idea with a mission to spread flavour and joy. Established in 2015, our story unfolds when Shrey worked internationally and started exploring various interesting food concepts that were available globally. What particularly attracted him was the concept of freshly baked waffles being offered by a go-to waffle restaurant in India.

They saw tremendous potential to bring the product to India on a large scale, adapted in an easy-to-eat, completely vegetarian and affordable format, which led to the birth of the Belgian Waffle Company.

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About Belgian Waffle

The Belgian Waffle Company franchise is one of the first waffle speciality stations in India to offer a unique, on-the-go waffle sandwich made fresh at our waffle stations with our specially crafted egg-free batter and premium fillings.

Our waffles are freshly baked, hot and crunchy and come in a variety of batters and fillings!

After the tremendous love and loyalty, we have received across all age groups, we were looking forward to our fellow wafflers enjoying our unique flavours and tastes from the comfort of our homes. This naturally entered the FMCG segment with our ready-to-eat range. In 2021, we launched our range of retail products – a range of Pancake & Waffle Premixes, Waffle Crisps and Spreads. All products are egg-free, contain no preservatives and offer something unique to our dedicated patrons across the country.

We pride ourselves on constant innovation, as well as maintaining a consistently high-quality product with a warm and trusted brand identity.

Focus on these Key Areas to Start a Waffle Restaurant

Shop and Property

If you’re focused on takeaway and have a small seating area, customers can order from you and then dine in their vehicles. Thus, having a good parking space is an essential criterion to consider when you start a waffle business.

Waffles are loved by people of all age groups, but statistically, children, youth and women are seen to have an affinity for this particular sweet treat. Thus, you should ideally choose the location of your waffle restaurant based on this target group. Malls, university areas, and markets are good options for waffle outlet locations.

Belgian Waffle Cart


To carry on your waffle business without any legal hindrances, you must under all circumstances acquire the much-needed licenses to open a Quick Service Restaurant. The most important of all these licenses include the following-

FSSAI License
GST Registration
Local Municipal Corporation Health License
Police Eating House License
Fire License
Important Permissions

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Restaurant Interior and Furniture

In a quick service restaurant such as a waffle business, you can set up shop with just a few tabletops and sitting stools. Remember that interior design elements such as tables and chairs influence the client’s psychology and prompt them to stay longer or leave faster. So you can get these for as low as Rs 20,000. The service area should be pleasant and welcoming to customers. You’ll also need to get the air-conditioning, lighting and interior design done based on the theme and brand of your waffle restaurant. The interior and furniture of the restaurant will cost around Rs 1,00,000. However, you can go higher or lower as per your budget.

Online Food Ordering

Considering that takeaway and online delivery is an in-thing, especially for a quick service restaurant such as a waffle business, your waffle outlet should be well equipped with all that is needed. Integrate yourself with various online delivery agencies like Zomato, Foodpanda and Swiggy. Listing on these platforms is free. Online ordering services typically charge a percentage of each order. So, how much it will cost you to order food online depends on the sales of your waffles.

Deciding the Menu

While it is not redundant that you will serve waffles in a waffle business, you still need to focus on the menu to keep it innovative and appealing to customers. Since you have limited choices of the variety that you are going to serve, you can try menu innovations to give yourself an edge over other waffle businesses and keep your customers engaged. Since ice cream is a side with waffles, you can offer waffle-witches, which are waffle ice cream sandwiches.

Waffles are also a traditional breakfast item, and you can find pancakes, waffles, and bacon strips on the all-day breakfast menu. Likewise, you can offer a variety of shakes and drinks to cater to a larger audience. Pricing the menu based on not only the cost of your waffles but the demographics of your target audience. Do thorough research on their spending habits so that you can incorporate them into your daily routine. As far as designing the menu is concerned, never put a rupee sign on it as it reminds the customer that they are spending money. Understand the psychology of customers when designing your menu.

Kitchen Equipment and Grocery

Your investment is not required to start a waffle business. The cost of a waffle iron ranges from Rs 1500- 5000. You can buy two waffle irons initially, and you’ll be good to go. However, one of the significant issues with waffle irons is that the coating on waffle irons wears away very often, so replacing or coating them at regular intervals is essential.
In addition, other necessary kitchen tools are also required, for example, plates, frying pans, spatula, bowls, spoons and so on. Their total cost will be around Rs 20,000 to you. You should also have a freezer to store the ice cream. When planning to start a waffle outlet, you should know that the most important thing is to make the right batter. Here comes the importance of grocery and inventory. You should always keep a week’s worth at the grocery store. For a week, you will get around Rs. 10,000. Hence, the kitchen and grocery will cost you around Rs 50,000. Invest in the minimum necessary resources, which will allow you to increase your waffle sales.

Belgian Waffle Franchise

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A waffle business does not require many employees; You can hire two chefs, a server, a cashier and maybe two in-house delivery boys. The monthly salary of the cooks would be Rs 20,000, the server would charge Rs 10,000, and the cashier would be around Rs. 15,000. Having a delivery boy is a subjective thing, as most waffle outlets integrate with various delivery agencies. If you are considering hiring a delivery boy, their salary will not exceed Rs 10,000.


Maintaining a balance between online and offline marketing is essential when marketing for a new waffle business. You can use social media to your advantage to reach as many people as possible without spending much. Remember to create a Facebook page and connect with your audience as much as you can. You may need to run Facebook ads initially to reach the right audience. You can also turn to Instagram and Snap Chat to increase audience engagement and create pre-launch buzz. Connecting with bloggers and inviting them to cover your waffle restaurant will enable you to reach their fanbase.

Distributing pamphlets is also one of the most tried and tested methods of offline restaurant marketing. You also need to get the menu and logo designed by a professional. It is also necessary to have a menu board and standee while setting up a shop.

You also need to get the menu and logo designed by a professional. Having a menu board and standee is also essential while setting up shop. You can get this done for around Rs 5000.

POS Software

While many may be tempted to forgo Point of Sale (POS) software when opening a waffle business, we are confident that it will prove beneficial to you in the long run. A POS system not only helps streamline your billing tasks but also enables you to keep a clear track of your inventory and reduce food costs. By having a cloud-based POS that will make your waffle business seamless, you will get around Rs. 20,000 You can also run it from your tablet or laptop. This will probably help you grow your business as well as waffle sales.

Apart from the above-mentioned basic costs, there are some miscellaneous costs like aprons for employees, mobile phones for accepting telephone orders, and laptops or tablets for cloud-based POS solutions.

Belgian Waffle Franchise

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FAQs on Belgian Waffle Franchise

Is Waffle Business Profitable?
It is a growing and profitable business with a small investment.

Who owns Belgian waffles?
Owned and operated by Bloombay Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Ltd., a Belgian Waffle Company founded in 2015, is firmly founded on the values ​​of excellence, simplicity and affordability. Today, The Belgian Waffle Company, with 350+ stores in 100+ Indian cities.

Can we store Belgian waffles?
Yes, you can and you should because you can reheat them in the toaster!

Why are Belgian waffles so good?
Belgian waffles are beloved for their extra-deep pockets—better to fill with butter, jam or maple syrup. They are often thicker than their American counterparts and are made from a leavened batter and crunchy pearl sugar. There’s nothing like a classic Belgian waffle.

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