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Best Beer in India, Top 10 Beer brands in India, Beer brands List, FAQs

Best Beer in India, Top 10 Beer brands in India, Beer brands List, FAQs

Assuming there’s one thing we ought to thank the British for, it ought to be for presenting Best Beer in India. Regardless of whether Benjamin Franklin said it, the brew is to be sure proof that God loves us and needs us to be content. Take a stab at considering much else satisfying than a pleasant tall glass of a top-notch foamy brew on a hot searing bright day, matched with pizza as an afterthought and an extraordinary flick on Netflix. We bet you can’t. So after a complete examination, we’ve organized a rundown of the best beer brands accessible in India for the brew big talker in you.

Generally in the Indian economy, there are so many unfamiliar Indian brew organizations. In spite of the fact that we will make reference to some of the Top Indian and renowned brew brand names in this blog. We will have a portion of India’s best-imported beer brands and India’s most well-known brew marks that are incredibly normal among brew customers.

There is a rich history and legacy of a few brands recorded here. We likewise guaranteed that helpful insights and data about brew brands are incorporated. You’ll comprehend where your number one brew comes from and the importance behind it.

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Beer brands List:

  • Kingfisher
  • Tuborg
  • Carlsberg
  • Budweiser
  • Heineken
  • Crown
  • Bira 91
  • Encourage’s
  • Guardians
  • Haywards 5000

Top 10 Beer brands in India:


This broadly accessible all around perceived brew brand is without a doubt the “ruler of fun times.” Manufactured by United Breweries Group – drove by the notorious Vijay Mallya, this is an agreeable ale. The taste at first is severe for the taste buds which waits agreeably high on the sense of taste. Fundamental malty pleasantness then, at that point, supplements this. The reviving light taste is likely why Kingfisher is generally adored among the beer fans and standing out notwithstanding a few capable contenders. The beer goes down well alone however when combined with pungent peanuts, it’s a perfect pair.

Variations: Kingfisher Strong (8% liquor), Kingfisher Premium (4.8% liquor), Kingfisher Blue (8% liquor), Kingfisher Ultra (the most up to date release with 5% liquor)
Flavour: Sweet and Malty


On the off chance that solid brews cause you to feel intoxicated in a matter of moments, Tuborg ought to be your decision. With a liquor level of just 4.8%, Tuborg is a base matured ale brew. Preparing it on ale malt brings about its notable gentle, new taste with the smell of blossoms. This medium rich and energetic beverage has a moderate sharpness in the lingering flavour. It tastes excellent when swallowed down with quick bites like plates of mixed greens and hot Asian dishes and is great for any event, be it an evening gathering, show or anyplace with your friends and family. In India, Tuborg remains at number 2 among all brands and number 1 with regards to worldwide brands.

Variations: Tuborg Strong, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Classic With Scotch Malts (uniquely prepared for the Indian sense of taste)
Flavour: Flower and simmered grains


Carlsberg is one more light-tasting beer. A reviving and remarkably characterful Pilsener with a malty spine and adjusted sharpness and “likely the best brew on the planet.” This light yellow ale leaves a gentle, hoppy harshness on your tongue. The unrivalled quality European Barley gives Carlsberg a novel rich taste, making the drinking experience smoother for the individuals who like the one of a kind flavour and assortment of premium beers. It would be fascinating for you to realize that Carlsberg converged with Tuborg distilleries in 1970, making Tuborg a piece of the Carlsberg blends.

Variations: Carlsberg Elephant (full-bodied and full seasoned), Carlsberg Smooth
Flavour: Sweet and Malty with a smooth completion


A while ago when there weren’t numerous choices to browse, getting a beer implied snatching a six-pack of Budweiser, and you were finished. What’s more, presently in present times when rivalry is ferocious, Budweiser actually leads in the US as well as in India and furthermore one of the most outstanding selling brew brands in India. There is a sweet rice flavour and a hint of severe bounces. With a taste so light this drink is intended to be chugged down the throat while either watching your number one football player running towards the objective or while the ping pong ball observes its direction inside a cup brimming with this light yellow shaded drink. Budweiser never neglects to fulfil.

Variations: Budweiser Premium (5% liquor), Budweiser Magnum (6.5% liquor)
Flavour: Sweet rice flavour with bounce variations


Not at all like different beers, Heineken mixes its beers in even tanks for a more particular flavour and consistency. One of the most globally perceived beers, Heineken comes directly from Holland and into your heart. It is marginally more grounded than other efficiently manufactured ale drinks and likely undeniably better than others. Attempt the beer for yourself, and you’ll make out that this brew is more flavourful. Why? While beers are for the most part prepared for a fortnight, Heineken blends their beers for twofold the time – close to 30 days – Resulting in a full-flavour brew.

Variations: Heineken Premium Beer, Heneiken Draft
Flavour: Smooth and solid taste with adjusted jump smell

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Might it be said that you are among the people who can’t handle a brew’s unpleasant taste? Crown is only for you. Crown has been prepared in Mexico starting around 1925. With a reviving, smooth taste, Corona is a balanced ‘Cerveza’ with fruity-honey smells and a hint of malt. The flavour is fresh and even among jumps and malt. Albeit this drink isn’t inclined toward by genuine consumers, broadly picked by the ones who are tired of the standard beer taste – Bitter! The main disadvantage of this brewski is that it’s anything but a modest one. Crown brew cost is around INR 250 in many states. The cost climbs up to INR 500-600 in clubs and bars. Crown is a brew you should attempt once prior to biting the dust. Match it with zesty and citrus-imbued dishes for the best character.

Variations: Corona Extra (3.6% liquor), Corona Light
Flavour: Malty, sweet and scrumptious

Bira 91:

Move over standard beers, Bangalore’s Bira 91 is another child on the brewing block assuming control over the market by storm. How is Bira unique in relation to other people, you might inquire. Throughout the long term, there have been many changes in the brew. Speciality beer is one of them. Dissimilar to efficiently manufactured beer, make brewers have laid out unrivalled quality as well as a practical development. Make brewers have made an assorted blending society on the planet, and this is the place where Bira comes in. India is a developing business sector for a brew and Bira has planned its entry flawlessly. Remembering Indians, Bira tastes low in sharpness with a sprinkle of zesty citrus and a delicate completion. A reviving the entire day speciality beer!

Variations: Bira Blonde (5% liquor), Bira White Ale (5% liquor), Bira Light (4% liquor), Bira Pale Ale (7% liquor), Bira Strong Ale (most recent expansion with a hot taste (7% liquor)
Flavour: Smooth taste with spices and citrus


A most loved drink among the Aussies, Fosters is likewise cherished in India. In the preparing system, bounces are added at a later stage to protect newness. This gives Fosters the fresh and vigorous taste and is accessible just in two variations. Cultivate’s beer, which is a brilliantly shaded brew with a solid malty fragrance and Foster’s Premium, which is a copper-hued drink. It has a well-adjusted maltiness complimented by rich caramel notes. In the event that solid and harsh brews are your thing, you ought to go for Fosters.

Flavour: Lightly jump sharpness and Malty.


An adoptive parent is one more brand generally welcomed in the northern piece of the country. It has a smooth, full-bodied flavour with a steady head and great mouth completion. Their beers guarantee additional newness and no think twice about taste. With best-malted grain and best quality German bounces handled for more than 25 days, Godfathers is the best beverage for a hot day. At 7.5% liquor, Godfather Strong sneaks up suddenly for a genuine brew darling!

Variations: Godfathers Light (5% liquor), Godfathers Strong (7% liquor), Godfathers beer (5% liquor)
Flavour: Slight grains and Strong Flavored

Haywards 5000:

Haywards 5000 is a high selling beer brand in India with more than 10 million units sold yearly. The organization began its deal in 1983. The beer is prepared with top-notch malt and is commonly known for its smooth however well solid taste. With a liquor level of more than 7%, the beer extinguishes the inconceivably high thirsts of Indian clients.

Flavour: Slight grains with pleasantness and Strong Flavored.

FAQs on Best Beer in India:

What is a famous Indian brew?

Kingfisher, the most famous brew in India, has about a 40% portion of the market. It’s an ale style of beer that was sent off in 1978. It has many brand expansions, including an Ultra brew and speciality beer.

Are 2 beers per day sound?

A few audits have recommended that drinking one to two beers daily might assist with bringing down your gamble of coronary illness. Truth be told, beer might be as viable at further developing general heart wellbeing as wine at equivalent liquor levels.

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Which brew is high in liquor?

Each beer aficionado is more likely than not to attempt BroCode something like once in their life. It has 15% ABV which is gigantic. This may not be one of those loosening up beers as a result of its high liquor content. BroCode is a wheat brew.

What is a decent amateur beer?

(Budweiser, Coors Light, Corona and Michelob Ultra are altogether ales.) This sort of beer is ideally suited for amateurs as it’s known for its light, fresh taste and smooth flavour. Pilsners, a kind of beer, are somewhat fiercer than a conventional beer and are commonly higher in jumps flavour.

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