Best Hospitals in Kolkata, List of Best Hospitals, Detailed Overview of them, Conclusion, FAQs

Best Hospitals in Kolkata, List of Best Hospitals, Detailed Overview of them, Conclusion, FAQs

An emergency clinic is a clinical consideration establishment furnishing patient therapy with specific clinical and nursing staff and clinical gear. The most well-known kind of clinic is the general emergency clinic, which ordinarily has an emergency division to treat basic clinical issues going from fire and setback losses to a sudden infection. Best Hospitals in Kolkata normally is the critical clinical benefits office in its region, with various beds for heightened care and additional beds for patients who need long stretches.

Specific medical clinics consolidate trauma centres, reclamation medical clinics, youths’ emergency clinics, seniors’ (geriatric) medical clinics, and emergency clinics for overseeing unequivocal clinical necessities like mental therapy (see mental clinic) and certain ailment classes. Explicit clinics can help with diminishing clinical consideration costs diverged from general emergency clinics. In this article, we will discuss the best 10 emergency clinics in Kolkata.

List of Best Hospitals in Kolkata:

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals
  • AMRI Hospital
  • Ruby General Hospital
  • Woodlands Hospital
  • Remedy Hospital
  • Nightingale Hospital
  • Belle Vue Clinic
  • Institute Of Neuroscience
  • Desun Hospital and Heart Institute
  • Peerless Hospital and B.K.Roy Research Center

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Detailed Overview of these Hospitals:

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals:

Outfitted with top-tier clinical development and set up with the most competent clinical specialists, Apollo Hospitals in Kolkata has cut its speciality as perhaps of the most sought-after clinical centres in the City of Joy. Having started with 150 beds, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital has gigantically stretched out to keep 9200 beds across 64 crisis centres. This social occasion of centres continues to work enthusiastically towards working with identical clinical access across money-related ranges. Apollo Hospitals has been the pioneer in conveying momentous clinical benefits headways to India.

Greatest association of the world’s ideal and most splendid clinical experts who give compassionate thought using uncommon authority and pattern setting advancement. Apollo crisis centre Kolkata is a piece of the chain of facilities that is accessible all over the country. Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals Kolkata is an optimal blend of creative significance, complete establishment, gifted thought and true friendliness – this is how people, whom they have been fortunate to serve, describe the crisis centre.

Address – 58, Canal Circular Road, Kolkata – 700054
Telephone no – 91-33-2320 3040/2122
Email –

AMRI Hospital:

AMRI Hospital-Dhakuria, the pioneer unit of AMRI Hospitals Ltd, Eastern India’s greatest clinical consideration association, started as a dream of some Kolkata-driving specialists. The trained professionals, who set up the crisis facility in the wake of securing a name for themselves in the public clinical consideration transport system, decided to clasp hands to give quality clinical consideration to organizations at sensible rates. AMRI Hospital-Dhakuria communicated its annexe working in 2005 with one additional 200 beds and added around 75 beds by 2014. Other than outstanding Neurosciences division, the crisis centre at Dhakuria, an achievement in itself, gives top-tier therapy and cautious workplaces, across disciplines like Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology and Urology, General Medicine, and General and Laparoscopic operation. The crisis facility furthermore has an excellent Oncology division, giving comprehensive thought and treatment – cautious, clinical, radiation, haematological and palliative thought – for an extensive variety of Cancer.

Concerning the spirit of the AMRI Hospitals Group, which places assets into development-driven clinical consideration cycles to make treatment shows more precise, the crisis centre at Dhakuria has a top-tier radiotherapy office, with the latest headways being used. The crisis facility offers advanced nuclear imaging sagacious decisions like Positron Emission Tomography or PET-CT, which uncovers information about both the development and limit of cells and tissues in the body during a singular imaging meeting.

Address – 4&5, C.I.T Scheme LXXII, Block – A, Gariahat Road, Dhakuria, Kolkata – 700029
Telephone no – 033 668 00 000

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Ruby General Hospital:

The aphorism of Ruby General Hospital is to give genuine, careful, forgiving and prudent thought to the people of Eastern India. The guides working at Ruby are wonderful with a public reputation. The idea of the clinical concern continually checks so the patients ensure that restoratively crucial treatment gives to them. There is in like manner a steady inflow of experts from the United States who convey the latest advances in treatment to the patients at Ruby Hospital. Ruby General Hospital is the principal NRI crisis facility for Quite some time.

The 356 had relations with Hospital has 6 Operation Theaters, Cath Lab, CTVS ICU, ITU, ICCU, NICU, Day Care Services, Radiology Services, Emergency Department, Pathology Services, relentless salvage vehicle, pharmacy and other logical organizations. In the scope of close to 26 years, the clinical centre has played out a variety of critical operations and Cath Lab techniques, Cardio Thoracic Surgeries, Cancer Surgeries and other tangled operations/frameworks with an extraordinarily high accomplishment rate. Reliably around 350 to 400 patients benefit from their Out Patient Services. Ruby Cancer Center, a unit of Ruby General Hospital is the fundamental NABH-guaranteed Cancer Center in Kolkata. It has a first-class Radiation Oncology organization. It moreover has a thorough Cancer Care office with cautious, clinical and radiation oncology organizations.

Address – 576, Anandapur Main Rd, Golpark, Sector I, Kasba, Kolkata – 700107
Telephone no – 033 6687 1800
Email –

Woodlands Hospital:

Woodlands Hospital is just similarly old as India herself. Since the hour of its introduction, Woodlands Hospital has breastfed a dream about becoming one of the main clinical benefits providers of free India by outfitting overall standards with pattern-setting development. In 1947, they began as a tertiary thought unit. Moreover today, they have fostered significantly greater to transform into a multi-speciality centre. All through the long haul, their overall nature of treatment has engaged us to transform into the facility of trust for patients of Kolkata and eastern India, as well as bordering countries. In 70+ excessively long endeavours, we have reached countless lives and with that, moreover the dream they breastfed. Forests are fundamental for the tremendous and separated business blend RP-SG pack.

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In 2009 Woodlands Medical Center Limited transformed into the Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital Limited. Forests Hospital, Kolkata, is set up completely aim of giving worldwide standards of clinical benefits. They are moreover devoted to achieving patient-driven thought, clinical significance and prosperity of patients, their relatives and staff with the direction of arranged clinical, non-clinical and paramedical specialists. Forest is a patient-driven affiliation offering our patients an experience which outperforms their suppositions and achieves significance in help through care, data and improvement.

Address – 8/5, Alipore Road, Kolkata – 700027
Telephone no – 03340337000
Email –

Remedy Hospital:

Remedy confides in a fast and flawlessly dissected treatment module, patient-obliging crisis centre environment, and first-class fundamental contemplations. They have the super master experts’ help and cautious assistance range. At the point when one goes into a meeting with their prosperity ace, they feel the differentiation. They take astonishing thought and commitment to seeing the patients as the best Super Speciality Hospital in Kolkata.

The cure is a really strong point clinical centre close by diagnostics and pharmacy workplaces. Cure Medical Services is a completed Diagnostic thought unit. They began their trip in 2000 and the Remedy Hospital was set up in 2009. It arranges in Garia Main Road, Tribeni Appt, Opp Sitala Mandir in South Kolkata to offer kinds of help. Cure Super Speciality Hospital is gaining standard ground as a clinical unit. Their PCPs have public and overall acknowledgement and reputation. They are ready with 80 beds with 12 laying down with CCU and 4 laying down with HDU workplaces. Cure Super Speciality Hospital conducts 600 productive operations reliably. Their super distinguishing strength crisis facility arranges near Shahid Khudiram Metro Station in Kolkata with a state-of-the-art childcare office. We are by and large around related and inside your extension.

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Remedy Superspeciality Hospital is an 80-laid down with monetary arrangement brand bundle with 12 having relations with CCU and 4 having relations with HDU. Approx. 600 successful operations are held every year. Their witticism is to ensure 100 per cent patient satisfaction and to ensure straightforwardness concerning all procedures to ensure the best quality assistance at a sensible rate.

Address – Tribeni Apartment, Garia Main Road, opp. Sitala Mandir, Kolkata – 700084
Telephone no – 9163325269
Email –

Nightingale Hospital: Best Hospitals in Kolkata

Nightingale Diagnostic and Medicare Center Pvt. Ltd., a 120-slept with Class I (West Bengal Health Scheme) Multi Specialty Hospital with a symptomatic office situated in Central Kolkata. Songbird Hospital is a mobile place known for its prominent specialists who are stalwarts of their separate spaces. Under one rooftop, most recent age progressed gear like 128 Slice cardiovascular CT with Dual-energy applications, 1.5 Tesla Digital MRI, Full Filled Digital Mammography, Flat Panel Cathlab, Hallmark Vivid Echocardiography, High-end OTs, ICCU, ICU, Wards, Dialysis Unit, 24 hours scientist shop, NABL authorize Pathology Laboratory is working to help Outdoor patients, Indoor patients. All major surgeries do in Nightingale hospital.

Address – 11 Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata – 700071
Telephone no – +91 33 3500 5949
Email –

Belle Vue Clinic: Best Hospitals in Kolkata

Kolkata’s head clinical thought establishment which has set up a name for significance the country over, Belle Vue Clinic was a gift from paradise for its originators, the late Shri M.P Birla and his soul mate, Late Smt. Priyamvada Birla. They needed that the Clinic looks like a “haven and people ought to get that feeling when they enter it” with rules that match those of any top-notch office.

Belle Vue Clinic is a 241-bed, multi-strength office that gives sweeping and sensible thought to patients encountering various disorders. Known for the most part to patients for state of art chiefs in Cardiology, Critical Care, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Trauma &Orthopaedic, Reconstructive (Plastic) Surgery, ENT, Pediatrics, Oncology, Neurology, Bariatric Surgery, Dermatology, Urology, Emergency Services and complete Outdoor Diagnostics covering all spaces of the drug.

Belle Vue Clinic centres around chipping away at the adequacy of society, generally. The crisis centre gives home thought like the workplace to consistent/fundamentally sick patients. For each case, a deliberate effort was made by each delegate, not only to treat sicknesses yet, likewise but also to prevent them. The aphorism is to regarded as the best spot to come for care and the best workplace.

Address – 9, Dr U. N. Brahmachari Street(Formerly Loudon Street), Kolkata – 700017
Telephone no – +91 33-6688 8888
Email –

Institute Of Neuroscience: Best Hospitals in Kolkata

The Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata (I-NK), is the dream of one individual, Dr R P Sengupta, a conspicuous neurosurgeon practising in England starting around 1961, be that as it may, laid out in Kolkata. The deficiency of suitable neurological treatment including neurosurgery, care for mental issues later head injury and stroke and neuro-reclamation particularly among kids in the eastern region prompted Dr Sengupta to set up a non-benefit establishment in Kolkata for giving neurological thought to overall standards at sensible expenses.

On November 15, 2005, the essential accomplishment was achieved with the foundation of the structure stone of the ‘Groundwork of Neuroscience, Kolkata… a one of its sort office… showed on the NIMHANS in Bangalore, where the ‘Specialty of Healing of the frontal cortex, spine and cerebrum is cleaned with a human touch! I-NK is enrolled under the Indian Companies Act, 1987 as a “not income-driven” association where the Directors get no benefit. The yearly flood pay will be wrinkled back for extra improvement of the establishment.

The vision is to be “the primary public not-income driven provider of Neurosciences Service guidance and assessment”. Putting patients first and taking into account best quality focusing on prosperity and quality. Being made plans to give neuroscience care to people of Kolkata similarly to master organizations comprehensively.

Address – 185/1 A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata – 700017
Telephone no – +91 33 4030 9999
Email –

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute: Best Hospitals in Kolkata

Desun has a piece of India’s best master Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons open and accessible to come into work relentless. With Modern Operation Theater, ICCU, Expert Team and Proven Post Operative Care, they intend to convey significance in coronary clinical consideration for themselves along with their loved ones. Their unmatched master fitness and patient thought make them one of the most unimaginable Cardiac Care Hospitals in Kolkata. Their wide association of ambulances saves response time by half for quicker clinical thought. Desun’s Cardiac Specialists are on hold for every heart emergency for ensuring clinical thought.

They ensure sensible and genuine esteeming, for incredible clinical consideration organizations while never mulling over industrious thought. In 2019, they settled over 80% of unsafe events with their without a second to speak of thought. A crisis can strike out of nowhere and their PCPs prepared for it day or night.

Address – Desun More, 720 Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Golpark, Sector I, Kasba, Kolkata – 700107
Telephone no – 98302 99410

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Peerless Hospital and B.K.Roy Research Center:

For almost 100 years now the Peerless name has been indivisible from Trust. Accept that has been won and held by moderate times of Peerless people, who have made it their central goal to remunerate Society more than anything it draws from it for food. To them, Peerless is essentially more than a straightforward name, it is a way of life, it is what we try to be, in all that we do, at every particular second. Being Peerless is a means to an end, not just the end. Better have reliably attempted than overwhelm in all that it does, hoping to achieve the best assumptions for legitimacy and ethicality as a clear and morally trustworthy association.

It has put resources into the core value of getting care together with compassion and ability concerning the spirit of the noteworthiness of its calling and profoundly regards the unselfish manner by which it has drawn closer, keeping its tryst with clinical fate. Unrivalled Hospital’s experience serving patients that satisfy you, giving help that makes one smile, in the fiery journey for their primary objective, showing fondness and disapproving of in the sum of their exercises, to improve anyway many lives as they can.

Address – 360 Panchasayar, Kolkata – 700094
Telephone no – 91 (33) 4011 1222
Email –

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