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Cafe Coffee Day Franchise, Highlights of CCD Brand, Advantages, Requirements to open CCD Franchise, How to Apply, Contact Details

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise, Highlights of CCD Brand, Advantages, Requirements to open CCD Franchise, How to Apply, Contact Details

Indian espresso is the best espresso that fills in the storm precipitation. The two most perceived espresso brands in India are Arabica and Robusta. The south Indian states are the greatest makers of espresso. Karnataka overwhelms, and the next is Kerala and afterwards Tamil Nadu. The three states consolidated, are known as the customary espresso developing territories of India. There are other modern districts too in India where great espresso is developed. Consequently, opening a bistro business in India is smart. You can likewise select to open a Café Coffee Day establishment, which the entire nation loves. This article presents adequate data and tips expected to open a Cafe Coffee Day Franchise alongside CCD establishment costs and significant prerequisites.

Highlights of Café Coffee Day Brand:

  • Bistro Coffee Day or CCD is the best espresso chain in India. It claims by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited or Coffee Day Enterprise.
  • The bistro serves a scrumptious treat of espresso, tea, espresso baked goods, sandwiches, smoothies, and considerably more.
  • The beginning of this brand follows the dirt of Chikmagalur, which situate close to the city of Bangalore in Karnataka. The chain’s pioneer, Mr V. G. Siddhartha, claimed north of 10500 espresso sections of land estate cultivates that yielded rich espresso.
  • The central command of the organization situates on Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore.
  • CCD is the biggest Arabica beans maker in India, which likewise traded to Europe, the USA, and Japan.
  • The principal CCD outlet was introduced in 1996 at Brigade Road in Bangalore.
  • In 2010, the brand likewise changed its logo with a slogan that says “A great deal can occur over espresso”. There were radical changes in the bistro’s inside store plan and parlours were added to give an ideal vibe to the clients.
  • In 2011, CCD began growing to a few other Indian urban communities and gradually extended to 1000 bistros the nation over.
  • By 2018, there were near 1,722 Café Coffee Day outlets above 200 urban communities in India, utilizing north of 20,000 representatives and producing an income of over USD630 million. In India, the organization procured an income of ₹1,024.79 crores in 2021.
  • CCD has additionally wandered into urban areas like the Czech Republic, Austria, Nepal, and Egypt.

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Advantages of a Cafe Coffee Day Franchise:

Bistro Coffee Day is without a doubt the most preferred café in India. It is an extraordinary hang-out place for the young people of the country. The beverage tastes the best, and the atmosphere is stylish, which is the brand’s one-of-a-kind selling suggestion for drawing in client consideration. How might this benefit a CCD outlet accomplice? The bistro offers a fruitful outlet through the organization model and extraordinary procuring through the Café Coffee Day brand. CCD, nonetheless, doesn’t offer an immediate espresso establishment in India to people in general, yet you can cooperate with it and profit from its many advantages. On the off chance that you wish to be among the people who fantasise about raking in boatloads of cash from the food and refreshment organization, then venture out into this astonishing plan of action of CCD.

Allow us now to examine the upsides of collaborating with Café Coffee Day:

  • CCD is a brand with a name and perceivability. The bistro outlet is a mix of solace and moderateness, which is the fundamental USP of this bistro. One could sit for quite a long time in the bistro with nobody requesting that you leave. This makes CCD a reasonable and cherished brand.
  • CCD runs the whole chain of developing and creating their espresso beans, which thusly assists them with lessening the expense of the eventual outcome. The saving is passed down to clients, making the refreshments scrumptiously reasonable to all.
  • With different bistros like high road bistros, expressway bistros, garden bistros, and shopping centre bistros, the brand can focus on a huge crowd offering a superior encounter and climate and fluctuated esteem expansion administrations.
  • On the off chance that you are hoping to cooperate with Café Coffee Day in India, it’s a shrewd choice. CCD offers its accomplice’s help in promoting and showcasing so that the bistro begins getting income right away. This assists your Cafe Coffee Day with diversifying India business to fill quickly.
  • The brand name is a selling factor. It is known the nation over, which makes it simple for any establishment proprietor to begin getting business significantly earlier than beginning their image and in this manner recuperating the CCD establishment cost.
  • The profit from the establishment of Cafe Coffee Day Franchise is rewarding as well. They develop their espresso which helps in lessening their all-out cost, making it reasonable for the accomplice and the bistro. This attempted and tried recipe guarantees a customary pay stream, making the Coffee Day establishment business exceptionally productive.

How would it be a good idea for you not to end up in a misfortune?

Wrong choice of the site:

An off-base decision of area can cause you to bring about immense misfortunes and not recuperate the CCD establishment cost in India. Your store ought to situate in a space that has weighty people walking through. If you decide to begin a CCD outlet in a distant area, you may not get an adequate number of clients. Consequently, you want to do legitimate area research before setting up a CCD establishment.

Rivalry appraisal:

India is a rewarding speculation market. Worldwide espresso chains are entering this market which has taken off rivalry. This has made dedication issues in its client base. Rewarding promoting, for example, online entertainment showcasing is the way to give excellent items to hold a consistent client base.

Prerequisites to open a Cafe Coffee Day Franchise:

You should meet the beneath necessities and rent them out to CCD to partake in a standard progression of pay:


CCD offers its bistro outlets to individuals who own business space or an economically changed over property. They offer their association in income or rental offer model. The complete region expected to open CCD outlets is 1000 to 1500 sq. feet and ought to situate on the ground floor. The base facade prerequisite is 25 sq. feet with an adequate parking spot.

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As a CCD accomplice, you want to have the accompanying abilities:

  • You should be adaptable and adjust to the changing business sector situation to begin and develop your business effectively.
  • You ought to have initiative abilities to designate the work accurately so the everyday tasks run as expected without an error.
  • You ought to show enthusiasm for the shop since this positive energy will make the best insight for the clients.
  • You likewise need to know the little subtleties of employing the right staff individuals to run the group. This will assist with expanding the organization’s income and proposition your clients with the best insight.
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District of activity:

CCD works in the north of 200 urban communities in India, and there are more than 1800 bistros spread the nation over. The espresso chain has additionally extended past the Indian limits to different nations like Egypt, Nepal, the Czech Republic, and Vienna.


The power source site offers preparation. The administrative centre will likewise give you programming and equipment backing to flawlessly maintain your business. Each CCD outlet is given the contact subtleties of the administrative centre to connect with the concerned individual in the event of any issue.

Staff Prerequisites:

The most un-number of staff expected to run a CCD outlet is 5 to 6 representatives. This incorporates servers, a clerk, an espresso and food-production division, and the cleaning team.

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Monetary prerequisites:

The all-out Cafe Coffee Day establishment cost is between ₹9 to ₹10 lakhs. The CCD establishment cost India cost incorporates the expense of gear and the costs for the inside, which ought to generally take around ₹3 to ₹4 lakhs. CCD likewise charges a ₹50,000 brand expense over the above costs.

Steps toward applying for a CCD Franchise:

On the off chance that you meet this multitude of necessities, you should send the accompanying subtleties to the CCD head office. The authority email id bd@cafecoffeeday.com is where you want to send the accompanying:

  • Name of the relative multitude of proprietors who own the retail space
  • Private location and contact data of the relative multitude of proprietors’
  • Postal location of the business space
  • Square feet subtleties of the space
  • Facing region of the space
  • Area photo
  • Catchment region socioeconomics

The brand gets finished the paperwork for 3 or 5 years, and you can reestablish the understanding once the specified period closes.

Contact subtleties to cooperate with Café Coffee Day:

Here is the finished rundown of contact subtleties that you should begin your establishment of CCD.


  • Karthik B.S: Karthik@Cafecoffeeday.Com
  • Raju S.R: Raju.Sr@Cafecoffeeday.Com
  • Madhusudhan B.C: Madhusudhan.B@Cafecoffeeday.Com

Tamil Nadu/Chennai:

Harish: Harish.Kp@Cafecoffeeday.Com


  • Sarath Babu: Sarath.Babu@Cafecoffeeday.Com
  • Kerala Harigovind: Harigovind.H@Cafecoffeeday.Com

North India/NCR:

  • Nishant Ranjan: Nishant.Ranjan@Cafecoffeeday.Com
  • Abhishek Saxena: Abhishek.Saxena@Cafecoffeeday.Com
  • Syed Sahban: Sahban.S@Cafecoffeeday.Com
  • Jatan Sondhi: Jatan.Sondhi@Cafecoffeeday.Com

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In the End:

Starting around 1996, Cafe Coffee Day has been known to offer the ideal feel and model client assistance to individuals, making it one of the best places to spend time with loved ones. It is where individuals, everything being equal, can unwind and loosen up and share a couple of chuckles over some reasonable espresso. The brand sources its espresso from the espresso grower, which gives this organization the UTZ authentication for being harmless to the ecosystem and socially answerable for developing and delivering espresso. The accreditation has been given considering the whole course of espresso making, right from the bean to the cup. CCD is hence set apart as an organization that goes from being a cultivator to a roaster.

CCD isn’t simply some other bistro. It is a trailblazer and a leaned toward place among every last one. It is the spot to enjoy profound discussions. Therefore it is nothing unexpected that the brand contacted the hearts of millions of Indians in such a short Period. This article focuses on one reality: Café Coffee Day is a beneficial brand that makes it a rewarding venture choice for organizations and people to collaborate with and partakes in a consistent progression of pay when you settle on the Cafe Franchise in India.

FAQs on Cafe Coffee Day Franchise:

What are the significant necessities to open a CCD outlet?

The vital prerequisites to opening a CCD outlet are:

  • 1000 to 1500 sq ft region with a 25 sq. ft. least facing region.
  • The great information is available patterns and abilities to maintain a business.
  • A decent area in any city of India with satisfactory footfall.

What is the capital Franchise of Cafe Coffee Day speculation?

It depends on where you decide to open your CCD outlet. You can decide to begin a square, a parlour, or a worth express. You are allowed to pick the subject that suits you well.

The capital speculation for various sorts of CCD stores are:

  • Square-Rs. 11,00,000
  • Relax Rs.10,50,000
  • Esteem Express-Rs. 10,00,000

What are the advantages of banding together with Café Coffee Day?

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise offers the accompanying benefits, making it a champ among its rivals –

  • The food menu is alluring and presented at a sensible cost.
  • The brand has cooperated with probably the best-showcasing organizations, which assume control over a few pieces of your publicizing and advancements.
  • The organization is upward particular. Right from developing the espresso bean to getting you a hot steaming mug of espresso, they deal with the start-to-finish process. This makes the menu reasonable as the creation cost is low.

What compels the Café Coffee Day brand so extraordinary?

Bistro Coffee Day is a bistro chain claimed by the espresso combination Coffee Day Enterprise. The bistro serves tea, espresso, and another sweet shop. According to ongoing information, CCD serves over 1.8 billion cups of espresso every year in 6 nations which genuinely shows the hold of the brand. The organization has likewise been granted the 22000:2005 accreditation by the DNVBusiness Assurance Food Safety System, universally acclaimed. So they have been granted this accreditation for their security on the board and remarkable quality frameworks.

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