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Cheap Gaming Mouse Under 500, List of Best Gaming Mouse, Detailed Information about these Mouse, Conclusion

Cheap Gaming Mouse Under 500, List of Best Gaming Mouse, Detailed Information about these Mouse, Conclusion

Searching for a Cheap Gaming Mouse under 500? Hi, Readers family we everyday utilize a PC, PC, so we require a Mouse even on the vast majority of the pre-owned PC. All things considered, we really want a decent mouse, and A gamer purposes an excellent, quick DPI gaming mouse.

To purchase those sorts of Mouse, you need to pay more than 3-4 k. Be that as it may, pause, would you say you are a typical pc or PC client you need a financial plan Fridley mouse? Then today, we thought of a mouse that you can purchase for under 500 RS.

In the event that you’re searching for a financial plan mouse under 500 RS and need to require an unbiased end, then, at that point, you can view our main 3 proposals on the itemized rundown of 10 best-wired mouse under 500 in India.

How would we pick the right mouse under 500 in India?

There are numerous items and organizations in the market while picking the right wired mouse under the sticker price of 500, and We remembered a few situations like best mouse organizations like HP, Dell, Zebronics, Cosmic-Byte, AnteSports, and so forth. As per need, we make a rundown so you can pick the best mouse under 500. They generally accompany first-rate quality and extremely well-known organization brands.

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How do we make the rundown of the best mouse at the cost of 500 in India?

While picking the best mouse under the sticker price of 500, we kept things to us like form quality, accuracy, and exactness. We looked through the top organizations like HP, Logitech, Dell, Zebronics and so forth and afterwards we arranged the rundown of top Mouse under the cost of 500. They all are the absolute best in their organization at the cost of 500. They all perform quite well and their fabrication quality is great under the cost.

We evaluated the boundaries of the innovation utilized wired or remote, form quality, reasonableness for office work and games, and accuracy up to which the mouse could convey a reaction.

We will position the Best Mouse Under 500 accessible in the market right now so your pursuit list reduce. Here we can guarantee you, that our rundowns are precise supposedly and you will track down the ideal gadget from our rundowns that fit your spending plan and your necessities. We highly esteem our Best Pick records due to the astonishing reaction from our perusers, as you can see from this remark left by one of our perusers

10 Cheap Gaming Mouse Under 500:

  • Zebronics Wireless Mouse
  • Lenovo M110 Mouse
  • Zeb-Transformer-M
  • Logitech Wired Optical Mouse
  • Amkette Hush Pro Nexus
  • Mi Wireless Mouse
  • Dell MS116
  • Dragon War ELE-G11
  • Portronics Toad 11
  • iBall FreeGo G20

Point by point Information about these Mouse:

Zebronics Wireless Mouse:

The Zebronics mouse accompanies the basic plan in a dark tone with Zebronics marking. The mouse is remote, requires a solitary AA battery, and weighs just 54 grams. You will get various functionalities with mouse buttons and a 10-meter of reach from the Nano beneficiary.


  • The Zebronics mouse arrives in an ergonomically planned body. The mouse is dark with enormous Zebronics marking over the mouse.
  • The mouse is remote with 2.4 GHz recurrence. The innovation professed to be power saving as it naturally closes down battery utilization out of gear condition.
  • You can work the mouse with left-click, right-click, scroll button, and DPI fastens effectively through the majority of the errands.
  • The compelling scope of the mouse is 10 m which is all that anyone could need considering the distance of the PC or work area screen from the mouse.
  • The battery utilized for the mouse is of AA type. Just a single battery expect to work the mouse for an extensive stretch.
  • You will likewise get a Nano USB recipient concealed under the battery cover.
  • The general load of the mouse is just 54 grams which are adequately light to work the entire day.
  • Alongside the mouse, you will get a half year of homegrown and a year of global guarantee.


  • There are no cons for the mouse as its cost is extensively low and accompanies remote innovation.

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iBall FreeGo G20:

The iBall FreeGo G20 mouse has a piano sparkle finish on its outside. The mouse is a 2.4 GHz remote with a 10-meter range. You will get a little USB dongle with the mouse.


  • The iBall FreeGo G20 mouse more ergonomically planned remote mouse for delayed utilization.
  • The mouse looks invigorating with its Piano sparkling completion outside.
  • The mouse accompanies a smooth and quick association through 2.4 GHz remote innovation.
  • Therefore mouse includes a widespread forward and back button for the simple routes through everyday errands.
  • The mouse accompanies a smaller than normal USB collector that could keep inside the mouse easily.
  • The distance for easy association depends on 10-meter which is sufficient in any event, for utilizing the mouse from a significant distance.
  • The mouse accompanies 3 years of guarantee that we don’t get to see in that frame of mind on the lookout.


  • There is no disadvantage for the mouse; all things considered, there is an additional benefit of 3 years guarantee from iBall.

Lenovo M110 Mouse:

The Lenovo M110 mouse ergonomically intends to give a decent hold to the hands. The mouse is lightweight and thin. The mouse utilizes a USB 2.0 point of interaction wired association.


  • The Lenovo M110 mouse parades an ergonomically planned body which fairly smooth contrast with one more mouse in the classification of the best mouse under 500.
  • The exceptionally planned shines scroll wheel which has optical innovation conveys a quicker and smoother experience.
  • The lightweight Lenovo mouse professed to get by essentially 1,000,000 taps and umpteen number of parchments.
  • The easy to understand mouse upheld by the USB 2.0 point of interaction.
  • The body of the mouse plan with designs that give hold to the hands of the client, going about as an enemy of slip grasp surface.
  • The mouse weighs just 90 grams and accompanies 1 year of guarantee.


  • The mouse conveys a decent reaction to each activity. Hence, there are no cons to this item.

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Portronics Toad 11:

The Portronics mouse intends solace during extended periods of work. It is remote with 2.4 GHz innovation and supports 360 levels of availability. It consumes less energy and supports 1600 DPI of accuracy. The mouse accompanies a small USB dongle.


  • The Portronics mouse plan ergonomically to stay away from hand weariness with their 3D high-stream plan.
  • The mouse utilizes 2.4 GHz remote innovation to give 360 degrees and a 10-meter distance perfect network with next to no obstruction.
  • Therefore mouse utilizes extremely low energy when in the inactive condition which gives the battery duration a lift for longer execution.
  • The mouse accompanies a smaller than usual USB dongle for which a different space give inside the mouse.
  • The mouse upholds 1600 DPI and accompanies the left button, right button, roller, and a flexible DPI button.
  • The organization asserts that the mouse could utilize around 3 million ticks.
  • Therefore mouse accompanies a half year of guarantee and is sufficiently exact to turn into the best remote gaming mouse under 500.
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  • The mouse weighs 190-gram which is somewhat on the heavier side.


Zeb-Transformer-M is an optical gaming mouse with 6 committed buttons and a high accuracy goal of up to 3200DPI. The mouse makes 7 breathable LED variety impacts, and a top-notch quality gold plated USB connector makes it one of the most incredible wired Mouse for gaming.


  • Zebronics mouse accompanies 7 breathable LED modes with lively tones and a superior look that gives an extraordinary vibe while messing around.
  • Transformer-M has 6 pre-customized fastens left-click, right-click, in reverse, forward, DPI switch, and parchment situated for a long and charming gaming experience.
  • The mouse has a high optical goal of 1000/1600/2400/3200DPI that can change with a DPI switch and works in a phenomenal and smooth way with no glinting or sticking while at the same time playing.
  • Therefore gaming mouse has a measured construction with a strong plan and prevalent quality fastens that make the mouse agreeable and simple to use on most surfaces.
  • Zebronics has areas of strength for a body with a high form quality metal plate on the lower side that gives weight for smooth development and a better grasp of the mouse.


  • Now and again mouse slacks when info isn’t enrolled.

Dragon War ELE-G11:

The Dragon War ELE-G11 is one of the most mind-blowing gaming Mouse at the cost of 500 in India. With a variable optical goal from 800 to 3200dpi. The plan of this mouse is somewhat gaming with the variety and markings on it. The Dragon War is the best mouse in the rundown of Mouse under the cost of 500 as it includes the most extreme optical goal of 3200dpi. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are a gamer or an ordinary client, the mouse can deal with both because of the presence of variable optical goals. Assuming you are an ordinary client you can set the dpi to 800 and use it. However, on the off chance that you are a gamer and need a higher goal, it furnishes you with three additional choices of 1200, 2000, and 3200dpi.


  • Superior quality following
  • Variable dpi(800, 1200, 2000, 3200)
  • Great form quality


  • No guarantee

Logitech Wired Optical Mouse:

The Logitech m100r highlights 1000dpi which gives smooth and great exactness to the client. It gives a decent High-Definition optical following. It is one of the absolute best Mouse from Logitech at the cost of 500. Therefore Logitech m100r is one of the absolute best Mouse at the cost of 500 in India. The form nature of the mouse is excellent. The Logitech m100r highlights 1000dpi which gives a smooth High-Definition following. The second finish of the mouse includes a USB port which can undoubtedly associate with any gadget with comparable info. The arrangement of this mouse is simple, you don’t have to introduce some other programming for that. The mouse upholds Windows, Linux and macOS. So in the event that you have various gadgets with an alternate OS, you can undoubtedly utilize this mouse.


  • Superior quality following
  • USB association
  • Upholds various OS
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • No variety choices

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Dell MS116:

The Dell MS116 includes High-Definition following 1000dpi optical goal. Alongside the straightforward plan and great form quality, it is one of the most incredible Mouse from Dell at the cost of 500. The Dell MS116 is one of the most mind-blowing Mouse from Dell under the sticker price of 500. The Dell MS 116 elements a High-Definition following the assistance of the 1000dpi optical goal. The form nature of the Dell MS116 is excellent. The mouse presents an extremely new-gen configuration when contrasted with the other mouse in the rundown. Therefore mouse accompanies a USB input and can associate with any gadget with similar information. The Dell MS116 upholds the two Windows and Linux OS. So you can pick the one that satisfies you more. Therefore Dell MS116 is one of the most mind-blowing Mouse from Dell at the cost of 500 in India.


  • Beautiful design
  • 1000dpi tracking
  • Available in two colours
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • No MacOS support

Amkette Hush Pro Nexus:

Amkette Hush Pro Nexus is a very quiet remote mouse that gives silent snaps with a committed button for 3 DPI settings. Optical Mouse accompanies a 2.4GHz USB nano collector, shrewd power-saving mode, and sweat and unique finger impression safe body makes it one of the most outstanding ergonomic quiet remote Mouse for workplaces.


  • Quiet Pro Nexus has a SenseFlow innovation with 2.4GHz recurrence for slack free remote network and a USB nano collector under the battery compartment with fitting and play highlight for movement cordial use.
  • Nexus mouse accompanies unique quiet keys with an elastic mover that relax the snap sound to 90% allowing you to focus on significant work at any spot.
  • Quiet Pro has devoted control buttons for Right Click, Left Click, Scroll Click, and DPI Button with 3 movable settings of 800/1200/1600DPI to change the cursor speed rapidly, in this manner making it adaptable to use on any screen size from little 15″ to a major 65″ shrewd TV or PC.
  • Amkette accompanies a programmed power-saving mode that switches off itself following 3 minutes of idleness and turns on by clicking any button giving a dependable execution with extraordinary battery duration.
  • Star Nexus is able to use both hands with an enemy of slip elastic parchment wheel to give a solid hold and a sturdy matte get done with sweat and finger impression obstruction for a superior touch and material reaction.


  • The optical mouse produces dazzling red light, which some of the time can be irksome.

Mi Wireless Mouse:

Mi is an ultralight remote mouse with 58 grams weight and a high following goal of 1200DPI. Therefore mouse has a Wireless recurrence of 2.4GHz With a 10m viable reach and a year battery duration that makes it one of the most mind-blowing remote Mouse for everyday use.


  • MI Mouse has a little remote USB collector with plug and neglect component and deals with 2.4GHz radiofrequency, giving practically no postpone in transmission.
  • The remote mouse has the following goal of 1200DPI which gives smooth cursor development with high following accuracy and precision.
  • Mi has a decent surveying pace of 125Hz which implies for each subsequent mouse reports position multiple times to the PC.
  • Therefore compact mouse has a mat wrapped up with a reflexive button, and a solace prompted plan of bends and sides of the body gives a characteristic fit in the palm with a sharp look.
  • The mouse accompanies a long battery duration of a year, subsequently saving you from changing battery frequently with superb reinforcement and longer running time. A driven battery which shows on/off status gives underneath the button.


  • Clicks are not that smooth and diminished productivity during long working hours.


The rundown includes the Cheap Gaming Mouse Under 500. Presently in the event that you are wanting to purchase a mouse under the cost of 500, then you can pick one from the rundown. In the event that you are a gamer and need a mouse that will ideally suit you yet your spending plan is tight. Then you should pick the Dragon War ELE-G11. It is the best gaming mouse in our rundown under 500. Assuming you are looking for something more basic and expert looking yet with a high optical goal, then the HP X1250 is the ideal decision for you. Therefore other three Mouse is having practically a similar optical goal and can utilize for any everyday reason. These all are the mouse under the sticker price of 500 in India.

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