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Direct Selling Company in India, List of Direct Selling Company in India, Direct Selling Companies Details

Direct Selling Company in India, List of Direct Selling Company in India, Direct Selling Companies Details

Top Direct Selling Company in India and more modest pioneering endeavours utilize direct offering to offer items and administrations to buyers. Organizations sell a wide scope of items and administrations, including adornments, cookware; dietary enhancements, beauty care products, housewares, energy, and protection, among others.

Specialists for direct selling work autonomously however are subsidiary with a firm that utilizes the channel; permitting them to deal with their business based on their conditions. Imminent buyers structure solid individual associations with advisors, basically through the eye to eye conversations and exhibits. Direct selling is a go-to-showcase method that might be more powerful for some associations and product offerings than conventional publicizing or getting superior rack space in this period of long-range interpersonal communication.

शीर्ष समग्र ब्रांड और अधिक मामूली अग्रणी प्रयास खरीदारों को वस्तुओं और व्यवस्थापन की पेशकश करने के लिए प्रत्यक्ष पेशकश का उपयोग करते हैं। संगठन अलंकरण, कुकवेयर, आहार संवर्द्धन, सौंदर्य देखभाल उत्पाद, घरेलू सामान, ऊर्जा और सुरक्षा सहित अन्य वस्तुओं और व्यवस्थाओं की एक विस्तृत गुंजाइश बेचते हैं।

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List of Direct Selling Companies:

  • Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
  • Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd
  • Amway
  • Remnant
  • Modicare
  • Perpetually Living Products
  • IMC
  • Herbalife
  • Asclepius Wellness Private Limited
  • Atomy India

Direct Selling Companies Details:

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited:

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is an Indian best direct organization established in Chennai in 2013. It is an immediate selling firm that gives a wide choice of way of life things to clients, which are all affirmed by the Ministry of AYUSH. They are the primary direct offering organization to offer the most FMCG classification items at serious costs, even with conventional, with more than 200 items in our portfolio nearly covering each section with a one of a kind proposal of free coupons. Their objective understands the fantasies of everybody subsidiary of the organization. In view of developing predominance in the immediate selling business, Mi Lifestyle Marketing organization of enrolled merchants and buyers gets specific advantages and possibilities.

This chief group has 19 years of direct selling ability in India. This organization is a FICCI and FDSA subsidiary part and has a yearly income of 1500 crores. Milifestyle is a meber of FDSA.

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd:

Keva Industries, established in 2009, is a noticeable direct selling organization that works in excellent health, food, individual consideration, shading beauty care products, home consideration, FMCG, creature and horticulture items. With more than 400 items in its stock, the organization for all intents and purposes covers each market section with an exceptional Buy 1 Get 1 Free arrangement.

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001-2015 ensured organization, situated as one of India’s most believed brand names and combinations in the medical care area, with a prevailing organization impression moulding as one of the arising Natural Healthcare organizations since its initiation, supported by a solid history of advancement. An authentic business opportunity sticks to India’s Direct Selling Standards.

Various broadly and worldwide adulated declarations, endorsements, and praises have offered to it. Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd ceaselessly searched for techniques to help the local area and focused on doing as such through its huge and efficient foundation, as well as it’s vigorous showcasing and appropriation model. Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt Ltd and its items for administrations or deals and showcasing plan should introduce moderately by the merchant.


Amway is an American firm that sells a scope of items through a staggered promoting methodology, principally in the wellbeing, excellence, and home consideration regions. The organization’s portfolio incorporates more than 200 items that for all intents and purposes cover each market region, as well as a stand-out deal of free items. Indeed, even with conventional items, Amway gives most FMCG class items at reasonable estimating. The organization has created a powerful gain of 9.5 billion dollars (2015). Amway is an individual from IDSA.

All Amway India merchants get free and boundless preparation to assist them with extending their organizations. There are around 140 items in five classes accessible from the organization. There are items in nourishment and health, magnificence, individual consideration, home consideration, and fabulous worth. All Amway India merchandise made in India, aside from the Beauty line and a couple of items in the Nutrition and Wellness classification. Amway India has 500 full-time representatives and utilizes 2,000 individuals through its agreement maker areas. More than 650,000 dynamic free Amway entrepreneurs have profited from the organization’s pay producing possibilities.


Remnant Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which began tasks in 2004 and is currently a noticeable direct selling firm zeroing in on top-notch wellbeing items, has developed into a main direct selling firm. Remnant keeps on extending at an amazing speed for many years. The development rate says a lot about the item quality, advertising methodology, and supervisory group answerable for making such an effective long haul framework.

It is continually stretching out its item portfolio to bring remarkable wellbeing things each year, which are all made in best in class GMP and Halal-guaranteed creation offices. Remnant is an immediate selling organization ISO 9001-2015 guaranteed and puts stock in offering elite support of its clients as a whole. With over 3000+ on the web and disconnected deals areas across India, numerous abroad workplaces, and a few conveyance habitats, it has made an immense organization of wholesalers that is continually developing consistently.

Vestige is positioned number 30 on Direct Selling News’ Global 100 rundown of the top direct selling organizations on the planet for 2020. Remnant is the solitary Indian endeavour to get this honour. With the trademark of spreading Wellth, for example spreading abundance through prosperity, it has kept on improving the existences of every individual who is an individual from the firm and the people who trust in its medical care and health products. The pace of development says a lot about the nature of the items, the showcasing technique, and the supervisory group that has made such a rewarding and long haul framework. Remnant is an individual from IDSA.


The essential rule of the Modi gathering of enterprises has remained relentlessly predictable since its origin: to improve, draw in, and engage individuals’ lives. The Modicare Foundation establish in 1996; it depended on a similar thought. The Modi family’s unimaginable inheritance incorporates a solid propensity for rewarding individuals while transforming themselves for a superior, safer future.

Modicare, India’s initially immediate selling organization and an unmistakable player on the lookout, propelled to enable individuals’ inward visionaries. Their story told through the eyes of pioneers, trendsetters, donors, and business visionaries who thought often enormously about giving individuals the opportunity to dream and the resources to understand those fantasies. They’ve assisted individuals from varying backgrounds with dreaming greater by showing them, finding their true capacity, and giving a stage to them to rediscover their actual selves and develop into incredible business people. Modicare has given individuals independence from the rat race and permitted them to recover their certainty and understand their maximum capacity.

Forever Living Products:

Everlastingly Living Products, laid out in Scottsdale, Arizona, a secretly held staggered showcasing firm that produces and sells aloe vera-based drinks, honey bee determined beauty care products, dietary enhancements, and individual consideration items. Therefore Chief Rex Maughan sent off the organization in 1978. The organization’s assortment of the north of 150 items basically covers each market area; with an interesting proposal of free items. Indeed, even with regular, Forever gives most FMCG classification items at cutthroat expenses. In 2010, Forever Living Products detailed having more than 4,000 representatives, an organization of 9.3 million merchants; and $1.7 billion in income in the wake of procuring Aloe Vera of America during the 1990s.


IMC is an Indian direct selling association with many partners and a staggered advertising idea that disposes of the middle person. Therefore IMC is an organization that has some expertise in wellbeing and nourishment and individual consideration products. In the year 2007, Dr Ashok Bhatia and Mr Satyan Bhatia, two enthusiastic people; chose to start on a journey to make the world a superior spot. A lot of good wellbeing, wealth, and straightforwardness. Inquest for this objective, so they established IMC, an immediate selling business that sells natural Ayurvedic exclusive homegrown; wellbeing, magnificence, and individual consideration items.

As a glad individual from FICCI; the Company endeavours to offer the most ideal types of assistance for the progression of society and the world. The Company has been perceived and recognized a few times for its endeavours to establish a manageable and fulfilling climate all around. Therefore IMC has turned into a believed commonly recognized name in India; with a huge number of cheerful representatives and a great many excited clients. Therefore it is effectively growing its viewpoints by laying out its presence in other world locales.

IMC laid out the idea of AloeVeda, which is a mix of the decency of Aloe Vera and the antiquated information on Ayurveda since it centres around displaying India’s legacy while likewise further developing wellbeing and offering simple business to everybody. Therefore IMC has made a scope of earth-shattering merchandise in view of this idea to reestablish everybody’s confidence in nature and its reviving capacities. IMC has made some amazing progress in advancing the existence of millions of individuals through long stretches of sheer devotion and difficult work; so it desires to forge ahead with this mission towards a thriving world.


Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. is a staggered advertising organization that makes and sells dietary enhancements around the world. Mark R. Hughes sent off the organization in 1980, and it currently utilizes more than 9,900 representatives around the world. Therefore it is situated in Los Angeles, California, with corporate workplaces in the Cayman Islands. It has an organization of almost 4.5 million free merchants and individuals and works in 94 nations. Since March 2020, John O. Agwunobi has filled in as the organization’s CEO and chief executive. Therefore Herbalife is an individual from IDSA.

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Asclepius Wellness Private Limited:

Asclepius Wellness is an immediate selling undertaking situated in India. So this is a firm framed by finance managers to sell wellbeing items. They construct dynamic business visionaries at Asclepius Wellness by advancing great health items. Asclepius Wellness Private Limited was laid out on October 7, 2014. So it is a non-government association enlisted with the Registrar of Companies in Delhi. Therefore it has a settled up capital of Rs. 5,000,000 and approved share capital of Rs. 5,000,000.

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited’s latest Annual General Meeting (AGM) was hung on December 24, 2020. As per Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) records, its latest equilibrium proclamation was given on March 31, 2020; as indicated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) records. Therefore Logical definitions, green fixings, and modern creation techniques make Company Products. Asclepius Wellness disperses data and training to assist customers with settling on solid choices.

Atomy India:

Atomy’s image is ready to acquire speed and extension as the worldwide market turns out to be progressively globalized and joined into a solitary market. Therefore Atomy started opening worldwide branch workplaces after its establishment in 2009, beginning with Atomy USA in 2010; then, at that point, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and Thailand.

Atomy’s approach of creating great merchandise for the general population joined with its unfaltering endeavours in worldwide business sectors; assisted the organization with accomplishing a staggering accomplishment: winning numerous Export Tower Awards. In 2018, Atomy planned to make branch workplaces in Australia, Vietnam, and Indonesia and foster the Chinese market; so which is the world’s biggest direct deals market, in 2019. Atomy is given to accomplishing its objective of turning into a worldwide circulation centre, as it generally has been. Since its beginning, Atomy’s objective has never been to rival other organization advertising associations.

Atomy’s Culture depends on the accompanying standards:

  1. Standard Centered Culture
  2. Went with Growth Culture
  3. Culture Exchange
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