Dropshipping Company in India, Benefits & Disadvantages of Dropshipping Business, यह कैसे काम करता हैं? India के Top 3 Dropshipping Companies

Dropshipping Company in India, Benefits & Disadvantages of Dropshipping Business, यह कैसे काम करता हैं? India के Top 3 Dropshipping Companies

Dropshipping Company in India: Dropshipping companies in India are retail fulfilment businesses. These companies do not keep the products they sell in stock. Instead, they purchase the item from a third party before sending the item to the customers. Therefore, the seller need not deal with the product and make direct sales.

If you’re looking to get into the dropshipping venture, this isn’t a very bad idea. Dropshipping businesses in India require very little investment. Unlike the traditional retail model, dropshipping doesn’t demand a lot. From now on, it can be a viable option to kickstart your career.

In Hindi: भारत में ड्रॉपशीपिंग कंपनियां खुदरा पूर्ति व्यवसाय हैं। ये कंपनियां अपने द्वारा बेचे जाने वाले उत्पादों को स्टॉक में नहीं रखती हैं। इसके बजाय, वे ग्राहकों को आइटम भेजने से पहले किसी तीसरे पक्ष से आइटम खरीदते हैं। इसलिए, विक्रेता को उत्पाद से निपटने और प्रत्यक्ष बिक्री करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है।

यदि आप ड्रॉपशीपिंग उद्यम में उतरना चाहते हैं, तो यह बहुत बुरा विचार नहीं है। भारत में ड्रॉपशीपिंग व्यवसायों को बहुत कम निवेश की आवश्यकता होती है। पारंपरिक खुदरा मॉडल के विपरीत, ड्रॉपशीपिंग बहुत अधिक मांग नहीं करता है। अब से, यह आपके करियर को किकस्टार्ट करने का एक व्यवहार्य विकल्प हो सकता है।

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What is Dropshipping?

It is a retail fulfilment method where a store does not keep the products it sells in stock. Thus, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. Therefore, as a result, the seller does not have to handle the product directly.

The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the seller selling does not stock or own inventory. Instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer, to fulfil the order.

Dropshipping Business Model

What is Dropshipping Business Model?

In the dropshipping business model, you promote products and provide an online storefront. When a customer places an order, you send the order to the drop shipper and notify the customer that the products are on the way. The rest of the process of material fulfilment is out of your hands. In some dropshipping agreements, you may also handle customer service, while the dropshipping service manages physical goods and fulfilment.

ड्रॉपशीपिंग बिजनेस मॉडल क्या है?

ड्रॉपशीपिंग व्यवसाय मॉडल में, आप उत्पादों का प्रचार करते हैं और एक ऑनलाइन स्टोरफ्रंट प्रदान करते हैं। जब कोई ग्राहक ऑर्डर देता है, तो आप ड्रॉप शिपर को ऑर्डर भेजते हैं और ग्राहक को सूचित करते हैं कि उत्पाद रास्ते में हैं। भौतिक पूर्ति की शेष प्रक्रिया आपके हाथ से बाहर है। कुछ ड्रॉपशीपिंग समझौतों में, आप ग्राहक सेवा को भी संभाल सकते हैं, जबकि ड्रॉपशीपिंग सेवा भौतिक वस्तुओं और पूर्ति का प्रबंधन करती है।

How does dropshipping work?

The exact logistics of dropshipping depend on your arrangement, but the dropshipping process usually follows this general sequence:

  • Seller signs agreement with a drop shipper.
  • Customers order online.
  • The seller receives the order.
  • A customer receives a confirmation of the order.
  • A Seller forwards the order to the drop shipper.
  • Dropshipper ships the order.
  • The customer receives his product.

What are the benefits of dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a great business model for aspiring entrepreneurs because it is accessible. With drop shipping, you can quickly test different business ideas with limited downside, which lets you learn a lot about selecting and marketing products in demand. Listed are some other reasons why dropshipping is such a popular model.

  • Dropshipping requires less capital
  • Dropshipping makes it easy to get started
  • Wide selection of products to sell
  • Easy to test
  • Easy to scale
  • Dropshipping is flexible on location
  • Dropshipping means less overhead

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Disadvantages of Dropshipping

All the benefits we mentioned make it a very attractive model for those just starting out with an online store or looking to expand their existing product offerings. But like all approaches, drop shipping also has its disadvantages. Actually speaking, convenience and flexibility come at a price. Listed are some drawbacks here to consider.

  • Low Margin
  • Inventory Issues
  • Shipping Complications
  • Supplier Errors
  • Limited Customization and Branding
Dropshipping Company in India

Major Players in the Dropshipping Model

Let’s unpack some of the major players and their roles in detail, starting with the seller of record—in other words, your eCommerce business.

  • Seller of Records
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers

Top 3 Dropshipping Companies in India


Bapstore is the biggest platform to start a complete e-commerce business. The platform effectively facilitates drop shipping of Indian products with long-term transparency. You get a provision to choose from over 50000+ products through a well-managed range of distribution networks across the country. In addition, there are 4000+ SKUs costing around Rs.8-10 crores.

Unlike other platforms, Baapstore is reputed in providing free shipping services even for products under Rs.10. Sellers who maintain a good fulfilment ratio are rated as Buy Box sellers by Amazon.

Trade India

Trade India is another dropshipping platform for entrepreneurs looking for a B2B business model. The organization has been successful in winning the trust of the customers since the year of its inception. My biggest achievement is working with the business model of trust for more than 20 years. The platform connects a large number of manufacturers and retailers to meet their needs. Retailers are happy to get in touch with the right suppliers and enjoy maximum sales benefits.
The platform is the real marketplace for promoting products online across the globe. With seamless interconnectivity between buyers and sellers, Trade India 3600 also provides digital marketing solutions. Individuals get the flexibility to market their products to the target customer base for maximum sales. We help associates build their brand value with countless benefits. In relation to us measure the growth of your company on the titanic scale and earn good money

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Just Dial

Justdial never offers dropshipping like Baapstore and other similar platforms. It acts as a medium to help you connect with the suppliers to ensure the supply of products in the dropshipping medium. Being an e-commerce company, it facilitates interconnectivity between individuals and companies across the globe. The attractive feature is the availability of amazing deals and quotes for business. Real-time chat helps messenger users and businesses to seamlessly interconnect without any hassle.

Dropshipping Company in India

FAQs on Dropshipping Company in India

Is dropshipping successful in India?
Dropshipping in India is a highly profitable market due to its amazing growth area, huge market space for experimentation and low risk. This method is booming due to low-loss opportunities, in dropshipping products are made only when there is an increase in demand

How do I start skipping shipping?

  • Committed to starting dropshipping business.
  • Choose a dropshipping business idea.
  • Do competitive research.
  • Choose a dropshipping supplier.
  • Build your eCommerce store.
  • Decide on a business structure.
  • Get your finances in order.

How much can a novice drop shipper earn?
Dropshippers make 20% to 30% profit from each sale or up to $100,000 per year on average. This works out to between $1,000 and $5,000 per month. The rest of the money goes towards purchasing products from the supplier, paying dropshipping fees, hosting dropshipping websites, and marketing.

How do drop shippers get paid?
You make money from dropshipping by adding a profit margin to your product. The trader will give you their total price and then add whatever you like as your profit margin. It is worth remembering that your profit margin should be realistic, as eCommerce is very competitive.

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