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First Cry Franchise, Profit Margin, Franchise Investment, Demand, About Brand

First Cry Franchise, Profit Margin, Franchise Investment, Demand, About Brand

First Cry Franchise: In the year 2010, First Cry opened its doors in the city of Pune. Later that year, FirstCry was able to deliver 500 items every day. FirstCry opened an 80,000-square-foot store with the first automated technology in 2012. As the years passed, First Cry announced its results regarding customer satisfaction, which exceeded 1 million in 2013. This year, First Cry is distributing hospital gifts. Boxes for all moms to help with sales growth. So far, First Cry has worked with more than 7600-7800 hospitals. In 2015, the King of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan became the ambassador of First Cry. BabyOye, a commerce company founded by First Cry, started in 2016. In the same year, Carter was launched in India with special events.

This is a career profile or summary of First Cry as of 2018. They sell over 5800 products from various brands and have 400 retail outlets in India. In fact, First Cry’s mobile app and website have around 7.5 million people who are registered with them.

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About First Cry

In 2010, FirstCry started its operations in India. But, they started offering franchise opportunities in 2011. Firstcry is the largest and most comprehensive online retailer of children’s products in Asia. You can see everything you or your little one needs in one place. On the supply front, the supplies are met from FirstCry’s executive offices in Pune.

FirstCry built India’s first parenting site in 2017, with 32 million users today. FirstCry acts like a knowledge bank for parents. Parents visit the FirstCry community, read articles, learn new things, and share their child’s little habits in group conversations.

What are the key benefits of operating a Firstcry franchise?

Before setting up a franchise, you should understand what the major benefits of the company are. In this scenario, the First Cry franchise offers several benefits. As you might be aware, Firstcry is India’s most popular site for baby goods, and all baby and toddler items are reasonably priced. As a result, your sales are likely to be the best.

  • Company’s full support for interiors to meet First Cry guidelines.
  • First Cry franchise owners place a very high-profit margin on their products. As a result, kids can keep track of offers for parents while still saving money.
  • First Cry dispatches business executives to the franchise to assist with marketing to ensure brand presence.
  • If you are looking to start a First Cry franchise, the company provides comprehensive guidance.
  • If someone is looking to buy a First Cry franchise, the company enlists its professionals to help them locate the best franchise locations.

Demand for First Cry

First Cry is Asia’s leading online retailer of baby and baby goods. The main goal of the company is to supply top-class accessories for your kids. From an expectant mom to your baby’s early teens, First Cry helps you. In addition, Firstcry currently owns over 2 lakh baby and baby products, including over 2000 top national and international baby brands.

Additionally, First Cry Shop & Earn offer an incentive in the form of a program known as the loyalty cash program. Sales on the web portal have increased. Parents can also use this gateway to find their favourite products for their kids. After selecting it, they can use that earned cash attached to the product, and the cash will be transferred automatically. Thus elders can apply their loyalty cash for future orders.

First Cry Store

Commercial Potential of Firstcry Franchise

Without question, FirstCry has longstanding goodwill in society. The product of their tireless efforts and a shrewd business approach. Following are some strategies:

  • Firstcry’s product range includes both domestic and foreign brands. From a small toy to a baby item, Firstcry never disappoints a child or a parent.
  • FirstCry services are available both online and offline. Check the FirstCry location in the city you live in and go there for offline service. FirstCry provides confidence for the elderly by offering both online and offline channels, and they can shop from any location of their choice.
  • One of their best strategies is the FirstCry Gift Box campaign.
  • To grow its business and wider reach, it has collaborated with well-known brands such as Pampers, Chico, Disney, LEGO and others. As a result of the agreement, FirstCry’s goods are now more affordable for all parents.

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How can one get a FirstCry Franchise?

To start your FirstCry Franchise fill out the Franchise Application given on the website portal given here – When you visit their official forum, you are instructed to fill out a form with information including your personal details and other related queries. You also need to decide on the category of the store you want to open and your financial resources.

Eligibility Criteria

There are several basic requirements when you start something like this. You’ll need a management degree, a healthy bank account, and prior business ownership experience.

However, none of these is required in a franchised firm. The following is a note of all the possible things you will need for the Firstcry franchise process.

  • You should adapt to the changing market conditions and start working in those conditions.
  • To open the FirstCry franchise, you would need 1000-2000 sq. ft.
  • However, it can be rented or owned.
  • That property should be located in a desirable location. Since the FirstCry brand is a business venture, public awareness is important.
  • A person who has a FirstCry franchise should also have entrepreneurial talent.
  • The staff will be required to undergo the staff training of the Firstcry franchise.
  • Recruit personnel who are curious, pleasant and adaptable to the demands of parents.
  • A FirstCry franchise owner must hire at least six to eight personnel for his location.
  • Lastly, the organization offers a standard dealership agreement of 5 years.

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First Cry Investment

Financial Investment Required In FirstCry Franchise

A budget of ₹20-30 lakhs is a must to own the FirstCry franchise. If you wish to open various FirstCry franchises, the budget will vary.

Profit Potential

Since FirstCry has had such a phenomenal kick in the business, the profit margin for them is very substantial. Here’s a table that displays the monthly cost and profit of a FirstCry franchise.
As a result, the FirstCry franchise’s gross profit sums up to ₹12,00,000.
Every month, the entire profit of a FirstCry owner is settled at ₹ 4,50,000.
Lastly, after spending their money, FirstCry franchise owners are free to sit back and relax for 4-5 years.

Contact Information

FirstCry provides exceptional customer service. For further information, go to and send them an email. After that, choose the issue you’re having and notify the firm. Aside from that, is their concerned email address.


FirstCry’s CEO and founder are Supam Maheswari. The company has achieved significant success in the last ten years, and FirstCry offers high-quality items at reasonable costs. Customers of organisations like FirstCry can access the entire global market by simply switching a few URLs. However, FirstCry is the name for your infant when it comes to quality.

See past your hurdles and invest in the FirstCry franchise if you have the right plan, courage, skill, and patience. Similarly, with the help of company personnel, you can keep the outlet running smoothly and efficiently.

First Cry Franchise

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FAQs on First Cry Franchise

Is Firstcry Store Profitable?
Amid loss-making unicorns, Firstcry, an e-commerce store selling goods for newborns, is pumping out incredible profit numbers. He made a profit of INR 215 Crore!

What is the turnover of Firstcry?
FirstCry’s consolidated total revenue grew to Rs 1,740 crore, up 141.3% from Rs 896.7 crore generated during the same period in the previous financial year. The Maheshwari-led startup saw an increase in its expenses to Rs 1,645.3 crore in FY11 from Rs 1088.1 crore in FY10.

Is Firstcry B2B or B2C?
As stockists, our duty is to fulfil their online B2C orders and B2B orders. This business has grown manifold in the last 4-5 years. We currently have 2 branches in Cochin and Trivandrum respectively and process around 1000 B2C orders a day.

When did Firstcry start?, an online and offline brand offering a range of products for babies, toddlers and moms, launched in 2010 to solve the problem of Indian parents not having access to the best brands and products for their babies and toddlers. was born of desire.

What is the importance of Firstcry?
“The first cry is critical to initiate a successful transition from fetal circulation, where the baby is completely dependent on the mother and placenta for gas exchange, to life outside the womb where the baby uses its lungs to sustain life. should do,” said Dr Wyckoff.

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