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Food Business Ideas in India, Fast Food Restaurant, Dairy Processing, Cafe, Food Truck

Food Business Ideas in India, Fast Food Restaurant, Dairy Processing, Cafe, Food Truck

Food Business Ideas in India: The food business never goes out of style because everyone needs to eat, no matter what else they have to sacrifice. That’s why starting a food business can be a really rewarding venture. Food demand is always high among Indian consumers, the food business is growing even in times of crisis. But competition is high in each and every segment of this industry mainly in developed cities.

Always remember that in order to thrive in the food business, you must have something unique in your business structure and that you are ready to turn your love for food into a profitable business idea. Here is a list of the 10 best food business ideas with low investment in India. These ideas are low-cost and easy to implement. However, before starting a food business, you need to acquire some knowledge related to food safety and food management that is applicable to your business.

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Food Business Ideas

Fast Food Restaurant

A fast-food restaurant serves fast-food cuisine with minimal table service. Here, the menu is generally fixed, the food is cooked in bulk and the cooking process is always well-defined. Fast food restaurants typically provide a consistent experience through their standardized recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques. Almost all fast-food franchise outlets operate in the same way to bring effective results.

Under franchise operation, there is the franchisor and the franchisee. The franchisor is actually the original business with an established operating model, and the franchisee is allowed to use the name, trademark, and business model to replicate the success of the original business. When it comes to best food business ideas with low investment in India, the fast-food franchise business is a great idea.


A cafe is a place where snacks and beverages such as coffee, tea, and drinks are served. If you start a cafe, you mainly serve corporate, college students, and local people. Generally, in a good cafe, it usually costs 200-400 per one.

The total cost of setting up a cafe will be INR 10-15 lakhs, this amount may vary according to the location, type of kitchen equipment and decor, quality of staff, and more. To know more, you should explore the different types of cafes- rooftop care and outdoor seating, which is quite a trend these days.

Food Business Ideas in India

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Food Truck

A food truck is a mobile restaurant that can be set up using any number of vehicles such as trucks and cars. This is one of the most cost-effective business ideas in the food industry as it does not require a lot of capital to set up, worry too much about seating arrangements or pay heavily on rental costs. Not there.

No doubt, you need to get all the licenses and legal documents to start your food truck. In this business, you need to set aside a major portion of your investment for marketing and promoting the food truck as this will make the brand famous. This includes a website and app, online ordering platform, contact and affiliate builder, digital and offline promotion, etc.

To ensure your success, you must have a well-decorated truck, a creative menu, and great food to reach a large audience.

Nutritionist / Dietician

Nowadays people are becoming more conscious about their diet and this is the reason why the demand for nutritionists is increasing. Different people work out for different health goals – lose or gain weight, and cut sugar out of their diet. You can take this as a business opportunity and set up a successful business.

When health is gone, everything is gone. Generally, dieticians or nutritionists are associated with some health and fitness centers; Pay them a cut for each customer they refer. Some of them get a certification or degree to add more value to their resume and ensure their success. Proper promotion and digital presence are imperative to reach out to potential customers.

Local Delivery Network

Looking for some of the best food business ideas in India with low investment but want to indulge in cooking, try starting your business in a food delivery network. Under this, your job will be to connect the restaurant with those people who are looking for tiffin and catering service. If you have a good network of both caterers and people looking for food, you can easily set up and grow your business.

To ensure your success, you can try partnering with PG managers, Kirana store personnel, and other daily offline customer touchpoints. Apart from this, you can also become a part of relevant social groups and post your ads there as well.

Food Blogger

If you love food then it will come naturally to you, a food blog. Becoming a food blogger is one of the best food business ideas in India with low investment without heavy investment. You can post photos of your home-cooked dishes on your blog page, and write about your favorite dishes.

One of the best ways to monetize this effort is to divert traffic to your page through a social media strategy. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are quite effective for running both organic and paid promotions on your website. When your traffic base grows, you can become an affiliate and promote related businesses on your site.

Food Business Ideas in India

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Home Tiffin Service

For many Indian housewives who have the magic of food, starting a home tiffin business is one of the easiest, low cost and overall best food business ideas in India with low investment. To run this business you only need some regular customers who love your food and you can earn a good income sitting at home.

To start your home tiffin service, get the required license and register your business and then you are ready to go. You can promote your business in your housing society, on local Facebook groups, and by word of mouth in your locality.

Bakery & Specialty Cakes

To start a bakery or pastry shop, you will first need to invest some money in the baking store. As it is a capital-intensive venture. Here, you need more money and some important equipment like a baking oven. Money for shop rent, and an effective marketing strategy to get the license.

Understand the target market and their tastes to set up and run a successful bakery business. Making birthday cakes for pastry shops is always a good strategy, you can get into the online food delivery market.

You can also try in a pasty gift basket or baking gift basket and present unique baking gift ideas for New Year or Christmas. Overall, a bakery and cake specialty business is one of the best food business ideas with low investment in India.

Cooking Classes

Online education is booming these days. And, many people are creating online courses to teach what they know. This is one of the best food business ideas with low investment in India, especially for women who want to start their own businesses from their homes. The best thing about this business idea is that it requires very less investment.

If your family and friends have always loved your food, you can even teach yourself how to cook online from the comfort of your own home. And, run a successful business with this best food business idea with low investment in India.

You can start a YouTube recipe channel and cooking blog to promote your courses or classes for online cooking in India. When you have enough audience, you can also become an author and publish your best cooking recipes in book form.

Dairy Processing

Presently, India is the largest milk producer in the world with milk production of over 163.7 million liters every year. It has the largest and fastest-growing dairy market due to its huge bovine population. This has given rise to many milk processing units in small as well as medium-scale setups which are quite easy to start.

India, UP, Gujarat, and Rajasthan are the largest milk-producing states in India. You can try your hand at daily business. There are two options, either you can take the franchisee of a big company like Amul, Mother Dairy or you can plan to make your own milk-based products.

Food Business Ideas in India

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FAQs on Food Business Ideas in India

Is the food business good in India?

The food business market is the only market where consumer demand never goes down. Some surveys have shown that the Indian food business market reached 645.8 billion USD in value in 2021. The food business industry of India is considered the sixth-largest in the world.

What food is in high demand?

Processed food items such as frozen fruits and vegetables, dairy products, seafood, and meat have high demand across the world. Such food items require efficient packaging in transit and storage which is done with the help of cold-chain packaging

What food business can I start with 50K?

You can start a bakery, restaurant, or even a fast food outlet. All you need is to have good capital, quality ingredients, and the right place to set up your business. The significance of food cannot be overstated.

What is a profitable food cost?

To run a profitable restaurant, most owners and operators keep food costs between 28 and 35% of revenue. With that said, there is no such thing as an ideal food cost percentage. It varies depending on the type of food they serve and the restaurant’s overhead and operating expenses.

Which food is beneficial in India?

Honey production and coffee shops are among the most profitable food businesses. The average profit margins of these businesses are 30% and 25%, respectively. Other lucrative small businesses include coconut and olive oil manufacturing, pickle making, and tiffin services.

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