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Franchise of Gym in India, कितनी लागत होगी? कैसे करें SetUp? Profit Margin क्या होगी? Top 10 Gym Franchise in India

Franchise of Gym in India, कितनी लागत होगी? कैसे करें SetUp? Profit Margin क्या होगी? Top 10 Gym Franchise in India

Franchise of Gym in India: There is a perfect opportunity to open a gym or fitness center in metro cities, urban areas, and even small towns. Today’s young generation wants to look smart with a well-toned body. Additionally, regular gym activity helps in increasing the overall fitness of the body. That’s why the demand for gyms or fitness centers has increased rapidly.

Mainly, sportsmen, models, actors, actresses, and business persons are regular visitors to the gym. However, the trend of going to the gym is increasing rapidly among common people including women. Also, large corporates and IT giants provide fully equipped gyms and health clubs to the employees in the office so that people can see fitness in a whole new light.

In Hindi: मेट्रो शहरों, शहरी क्षेत्रों और यहां तक कि छोटे शहरों में जिम या फिटनेस सेंटर खोलने का एक सही अवसर है। आज की युवा पीढ़ी सुडौल शरीर के साथ स्मार्ट दिखना चाहती है। इसके अतिरिक्त, नियमित जिम गतिविधि शरीर की संपूर्ण फिटनेस को बढ़ाने में मदद करती है। इसलिए जिम या फिटनेस सेंटर की मांग तेजी से बढ़ी है।

मुख्य रूप से, खिलाड़ी, मॉडल, अभिनेता, अभिनेत्रियाँ और व्यवसायी व्यक्ति जिम के नियमित आगंतुक होते हैं। हालांकि, महिलाओं समेत आम लोगों में जिम जाने का चलन तेजी से बढ़ रहा है। साथ ही, बड़े कॉरपोरेट्स और आईटी दिग्गज कार्यालय में कर्मचारियों को पूरी तरह से सुसज्जित जिम और हेल्थ क्लब प्रदान करते हैं ताकि लोग फिटनेस को एक नई रोशनी में देख सकें।

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Why Fitness/Gym Business?

The world is changing before our eyes. As conscious citizens of the country, it is extremely important to face the change. The need for a person to stay fit is increasing day by day. Obesity has increased among the youth. The research of “ICMR-INDIAB” states that the prevalence rate of obesity and central obesity ranges from 12% to 31% and 17%-36%.

Obesity is a health hazard that can lead to diabetes, heart attack, and other health ailments. With the emergence of a world-class fitness franchise business in India, our physical and mental well-being will improve.

फिटनेस/जिम व्यवसाय क्यों?

हमारी आंखों के सामने दुनिया बदल रही है। देश के जागरूक नागरिक होने के नाते बदलाव का सामना करना बेहद जरूरी है। फिट रहने के लिए इंसान की जरूरत दिन-ब-दिन बढ़ती जा रही है। युवाओं में मोटापा बढ़ा है। “आईसीएमआर-इंडियाब” के शोध में कहा गया है कि मोटापे और केंद्रीय मोटापे की व्यापकता दर 12% से 31% और 17% -36% तक है।

मोटापा एक स्वास्थ्य खतरा है जो मधुमेह, दिल का दौरा और अन्य स्वास्थ्य बीमारियों का कारण बन सकता है। भारत में विश्व स्तरीय फिटनेस फ़्रैंचाइज़ी व्यवसाय के उद्भव के साथ, हमारी शारीरिक और मानसिक भलाई में सुधार होगा।



Talkwalker’s Gym Franchise

Being one of the oldest gyms in India, Talwalkar has state-of-the-art fitness equipment and one of the best fitness training coaches in the country. They established their first branch in Mumbai in 1932, and now they have the highest clientele through consistent healthcare services. They have over 175 gym outlets across major cities in India and Sri Lanka and have over 150,000 members. At Talwalkars, the membership fee can range from Rs 22,000 to Rs 35,000 depending on the facilities availed by the location.

Talkwalker’s franchise cost

The franchisee cost of setting up this brand of gym is around INR 10-20 crores.

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Fitness First Gym Franchise

Fitness First is a modern gym with a huge capacity. This gym aims to provide its clients with quality equipment, a variety of classes, and reliable and hospitable staff. They strive to provide a trendy and friendly atmosphere to meet the fitness needs of customers. This England-based gym is an international giant with branches in 16 countries and is known to be one of the most well-equipped gyms in India.

Fitness First Franchise Cost

The cost of the Fitness First franchise setup is around 5 crores.

Anytime Fitness Franchise

One of the most renowned gyms across the globe for its expert trainers and excellent facilities. The members of this gym get their money’s worth due to the presence of state-of-the-art facilities available here. Investment opportunities are there as a franchise with a minimum investment of 2-3 crores provided the gym space is more than 3500 sq. ft. It promises a high rate of ROI, which is 32-35%.

Anytime Fitness Franchise Cost

The minimum investment required for any fitness franchise is around 2-3 crores

VivaFit Gym Franchise

VivaFit is a niche trendy “ladies-only gym”. It is the most popular women-only gym in the world. Professionally certified trainers meet your needs along with access to world-class facilities, making this the best gym for women. This gym has tremendous investment opportunities as it has an app for fitness freaks to book classes.

VivaFit gym franchise cost

It has a low operating cost with an investment of Rs 25-50 lakhs, provided the area of the gym is at least 1500-2000 sq ft and the operating profit in 6 months and break-even in 18 months.

Franchise of Gym in India

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Life Fitness Gym Franchise

One of the fastest growing Online Appliance Stores that offer world-class Appliances. Since most millennials prefer to work out at home, this web store makes life easier by providing online fitness classes and equipment for productive workout sessions.

Gold’s Gym Franchise

Arguably one of the strongest gyms in the country. They pride themselves on having an army of qualified professionals who are equipped to train you in the most efficient manner, with expensive world-class equipment making it one of the foremost high-end gyms in the country. This world-class gym started in Texas, USA, and has a huge presence in India. The details of the franchisee are available on their website.

Cult.Fit Gym Franchise

One of the most popular brands in the fitness industry is Cult. fit. It has exclusive gyms across the country, which not only offer expert fitness routines but also has an impressive presence across apps. Their app is one of the most popular fitness apps in India, which not only includes weight exercises but also dance and yoga classes by certified experts, making it the best health, fitness, and best gym franchise business in India.

Sanpfitness Gym Franchise

This gym chain is a goldmine for martial arts enthusiasts. Apart from having state-of-the-art equipment, this gym is famous for its martial arts and self-defense instructors. This gym is ideal for workaholics and office goers, as it remains open 24×7. The cost of setting up a franchise ranges from Rs 1-2.5 crores. They guarantee a high return on investment as it is considered to be the most flexible health, and fitness business, and the best gym franchise.

Fitness One Gym Franchise

One of the fastest growing best gym franchise chains in India. This gym boasts excellent value-for-money experience with well-trained bodybuilders who guide you to enhance your potential. The details of the franchisee are available on the website.

Franchise of Gym in India

Nitro Bespoke Fitness

One of the most awarded gyms in the country. This gym is high-end, and posh, and is endorsed by famous Bollywood celebs, who frequent this exclusive gym as it offers a wide range of fitness activities guided by world-renowned trainers. This gym has the best facilities in the country. This fitness/best gym franchise center is the “go-to” gym for professional athletes.

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Benefits of buying a gym franchise

Impeccable Brand Identity

Fitness brands that offer franchises have exemplary brand values and years of experience. When you join a well-known fitness brand like Plus Fitness, you can take advantage of its immense popularity. They have already prepared the ground for their franchise by working hard. All you need to do is invest and become a part of their business family. His success history will make your job a lot easier.

फिटनेस ब्रांड जो फ्रेंचाइजी की पेशकश करते हैं, उनके पास अनुकरणीय ब्रांड मूल्य और वर्षों का अनुभव है। जब आप प्लस फिटनेस जैसे जाने-माने फिटनेस ब्रांड से जुड़ते हैं, तो आप इसकी अपार लोकप्रियता का फायदा उठा सकते हैं। उन्होंने कड़ी मेहनत कर अपने मताधिकार के लिए पहले से ही जमीन तैयार कर ली है। आपको बस इतना करना है कि निवेश करें और उनके व्यापारिक परिवार का हिस्सा बनें। उनकी सफलता का इतिहास आपका काम काफी आसान कर देगा।

High ROI

If you are a part of a leading fitness brand like Plus Fitness, be sure of an increased return on investment. Plus Fitness takes care of its franchisees as well as its members. Striking the right balance between the gym membership fee and the franchisee fee ensures that both parties are happy. With a well-established gym franchise brand by your side, you are sure to enjoy a loyal customer base as well as a sure-shot formula for success.

यदि आप प्लस फिटनेस जैसे प्रमुख फिटनेस ब्रांड का हिस्सा हैं, तो निवेश पर बढ़े हुए रिटर्न के बारे में सुनिश्चित रहें। प्लस फिटनेस अपने फ्रेंचाइजी के साथ-साथ अपने सदस्यों का भी ख्याल रखता है। जिम सदस्यता शुल्क और फ्रेंचाइजी शुल्क के बीच सही संतुलन बनाना सुनिश्चित करता है कि दोनों पक्ष खुश हैं। आपकी तरफ से एक अच्छी तरह से स्थापित जिम फ़्रैंचाइज़ी ब्रांड के साथ, आप एक वफादार ग्राहक आधार के साथ-साथ सफलता के लिए एक निश्चित-शॉट फॉर्मूला का आनंद लेना सुनिश्चित करते हैं।

Advanced training and ongoing support

Buying a franchise will provide you with a proper training related to management and help in every step of the business.

फ्रैंचाइजी खरीदना आपको प्रबंधन से संबंधित उचित प्रशिक्षण प्रदान करेगा और व्यवसाय के हर चरण में मदद करेगा।

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