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Jawed Habib Franchise Cost, Advantage of Franchise, Requirements, Profit & Investment कितनी होगी? कैसे करें Start?

Jawed Habib Franchise Cost, Advantage of Franchise, Requirements, Profit & Investment कितनी होगी? कैसे करें Start?

Jawed Habib Franchise Cost: Jawed Habib is probably the only Indian salon brand which is a well-known name in the market as compared to other professional brands. Jawed Habib’s first salon or rather the foundation was laid in the year 2009 with its first salon in Kochi, Kerala. With his increased fame and vision as the founder, Jawed Habib started offering his franchise to interested candidates in 2014. Since then, the brand has had a presence in over 24 states and 110+ cities in India. Considering that it is an Indian brand, it is a great achievement for Jawed Habib to achieve these numbers in a competitive industry like beauty salons.

Jawed Habib has more than 450 salons across the country and also has an international presence in the coming years. Apart from the salons, the company also has 45+ franchisee academies under the name Jawed Habib in more than 35+ cities. This academy or venture of Jawed Habib is focused on imparting knowledge about hair styling and professional hairstylist to those who are interested or want to make a career as a hairstylist. It is the only Indian academy in India which has paved a way for hairstyling aspirants in a professional manner.

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In Hindi:

जावेद हबीब शायद एकमात्र भारतीय सैलून ब्रांड है जो अन्य पेशेवर ब्रांडों की तुलना में बाजार में एक जाना माना नाम है। जावेद हबीब का पहला सैलून या यों कहें कि नींव वर्ष 2009 में केरल के कोच्चि में इसके पहले सैलून के साथ रखी गई थी। संस्थापक के रूप में अपनी बढ़ती प्रसिद्धि और दूरदर्शिता के साथ, जावेद हबीब ने 2014 में इच्छुक उम्मीदवारों को अपने मताधिकार की पेशकश शुरू की। तब से, ब्रांड की भारत के 24 से अधिक राज्यों और 110+ शहरों में उपस्थिति है। यह देखते हुए कि यह एक भारतीय ब्रांड है, जावेद हबीब के लिए ब्यूटी सैलून जैसे प्रतिस्पर्धी उद्योग में इन नंबरों को हासिल करना एक बड़ी उपलब्धि है।

जावेद हबीब के देश भर में 450 से अधिक सैलून हैं और आने वाले वर्षों में इसकी अंतरराष्ट्रीय उपस्थिति भी है। सैलून के अलावा, कंपनी के पास 35+ से अधिक शहरों में जावेद हबीब नाम से 45+ फ्रेंचाइजी अकादमियां भी हैं। जावेद हबीब की यह अकादमी या उद्यम उन लोगों को हेयर स्टाइलिंग और पेशेवर हेयर स्टाइलिस्ट के बारे में ज्ञान प्रदान करने पर केंद्रित है जो रुचि रखते हैं या हेयर स्टाइलिस्ट के रूप में अपना करियर बनाना चाहते हैं। यह भारत में एकमात्र भारतीय अकादमी है जिसने पेशेवर तरीके से हेयर स्टाइलिंग के इच्छुक लोगों के लिए मार्ग प्रशस्त किया है।

Jawed Habib Franchise Cost

Advantages of Starting Jawed Habib Franchise

The primary benefit of owning Jawed Habib’s Franchise is the brand value that it has developed. Also, apart from the brand value, the most crucial point that it has achieved is the ‘trust’ factor. Be it famous people or celebrities or even common people, you would always see customers appreciating and spreading the word about the services provided by Jawed Habib. So, as a unitholder, you are carrying the flag of a brand that is trusted by everyone.

And most of the beauty salons in India are either focused on targeting middle and lower-class people, or Upper-Middle class and rich people. However, Jawed Habib makes no Biasness for any such class system, it has its different services to provide, some of which can also be afforded by middle-class people. Though celebs and rich-class people prefer visiting Jawed Habib, you would also find services that could be afforded by everyone.

Usually, in any Franchise model, the required training, support, and guidance, are given by the representatives of the brand itself. However, in the case of the Jawed Habib brand, the entire training, and guidance, are given by the owner, Jawed Habib himself. This ensures total transparency among all the franchise unitholders and direct communication with the founder himself. The pre and post-opening support of the Franchise are given by the owner himself, which makes it very convenient.

And the fourth USP of Jawed Habib is the professionalism and the support given by the brand. To ensure professionalism, the company focuses more on giving on-site and off-site training to all employees or staff members. In some cases, it is the company itself that would find staff members for your outlet. Hence, it becomes very convenient for a Franchise unitholder.

Jawed Habib Franchise

Investment required to start Jawed Habib Franchise

Investment is the primary concern for every aspiring candidate, as the investment required to get the franchise of the brand becomes the deciding factor in an individual’s decision. So the investment amount to start the franchise of Jawed Habib is quite high and ranges between Rs 30 to 35 lakhs. In addition, you will also have to pay a royalty fee of 15% of the monthly gross sales. This investment includes all equipment, training costs, equipment, furniture, etc., whatever may be required.

प्रत्येक इच्छुक उम्मीदवार के लिए निवेश प्राथमिक चिंता है, क्योंकि ब्रांड की फ्रैंचाइज़ी प्राप्त करने के लिए आवश्यक निवेश किसी व्यक्ति के निर्णय में निर्णायक कारक बन जाता है। जावेद हबीब की फ्रैंचाइज़ी शुरू करने के लिए निवेश राशि काफी अधिक है और 30 से 35 लाख रुपये के बीच है। इसके अलावा, आपको मासिक सकल बिक्री का 15% रॉयल्टी शुल्क भी देना होगा। इस निवेश में सभी उपकरण, प्रशिक्षण लागत, उपकरण, फर्नीचर आदि, जो भी आवश्यक हो, शामिल हैं।

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Requirements for Starting a Jawed Habib Franchise

As a unitholder, you are expected to maintain the standards and maintain the professionalism of the brand. Also, to do this, you need to follow certain criteria to be eligible to get the franchise of the brand. The various requirements for starting a Jawed Habib franchise are mentioned as follows.

The minimum area required to start Jawed Habib’s Salon is between 1000 to 1500 square feet. Apart from this, it is also important that the salon is in a commercial area. The high street area where the culture and habits of the people are there. , And the lifestyle is good.

Jawed Habib has strict criteria for the requirements of the employees.

Jawed Habib’s salon should have

  • 1 receptionist/cashier,
  • 3 senior-level hairstylists,
  • 2 junior-level hairstylists,
  • 2 shampoo assistants,
  • 2 manicurists,
  • 1 security guard,
  • 1 cleaning lady
  • 2 beauticians.

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In Hindi

एक यूनिटधारक के रूप में, आपसे ब्रांड के मानकों को बनाए रखने और व्यावसायिकता बनाए रखने की अपेक्षा की जाती है। ऐसा करने के लिए, आपको ब्रांड की फ्रैंचाइज़ी प्राप्त करने के योग्य होने के लिए कुछ मानदंडों का पालन करना होगा। जावेद हबीब फ्रैंचाइज़ी शुरू करने के लिए विभिन्न आवश्यकताओं का उल्लेख इस प्रकार है।

जावेद हबीब का सैलून शुरू करने के लिए आवश्यक न्यूनतम क्षेत्र 1000 से 1500 वर्ग फुट के बीच है। इसके अलावा यह भी जरूरी है कि सैलून किसी कमर्शियल एरिया या हाई स्ट्रीट एरिया में हो जहां लोगों की संस्कृति और आदतें हों। , और जीवन शैली अच्छी है।

जावेद हबीब के पास कर्मचारियों की आवश्यकताओं के लिए सख्त मानदंड हैं। जावेद हबीब के सैलून में 1 रिसेप्शनिस्ट/कैशियर, 3 वरिष्ठ स्तर के हेयर स्टाइलिस्ट, 2 जूनियर स्तर के हेयर स्टाइलिस्ट, 2 शैम्पू सहायक, 2 मैनीक्योरिस्ट, 1 सुरक्षा गार्ड, 1 सफाई महिला और 2 ब्यूटीशियन होने चाहिए।

Jawed Habib Franchise Cost

FAQs on Jawed Habib Franchise Cost

What is the net worth of Javed Habib?
One of the few renowned hairdressers in India, he aims to reach out more and more across the globe. Also, he says that currently his business is about $30 million and the operating profit for 2015-16 is about $200,000.

Why is Javed Habib so famous?
He has been the official styling partner of Miss India and holds the Limca record for 410 nonstop haircuts in 24 hours. He is also the only hairstylist to be featured in Times and Forbes magazines.

Where was Javed Habib born?
Javed Habib was born in New Delhi.

Are Salon Owners Rich?
Hair salon owners earn an average of $75,000 per year. So reported hair salon owners’ salaries range from $14,500 to $385,00 per year. Most hair salon owners fall in the $70,000 to $175,000 annual salary range. Also, the salary of a salon owner depends on the location and how well the salon is managed.

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