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Juice Bar Franchise Opportunities, List of Juice Bar Franchises, Definite Overview, Conclusions

Juice Bar Franchise Opportunities, List of Juice Bar Franchises, Definite Overview, Conclusions

Would you like to begin a business in the juice business? If YES, find here the best Juice bar Franchise Opportunities with amazing open doors available to be purchased in India. Extensively, this industry covers different food things including new squeeze, canned juice, smoothies, lassi, and so on. Certainly, the juice is good food. Thus, wellbeing cognizant individuals drink natural product juice consistently. Because of the rising degree of extra cash among Indian shoppers, and expanded well-being and sustenance mindfulness, the interest in natural product juices has likewise expanded dramatically.

Juice bars are the immediate result of Western impacts on Indian culture. These juice bars as a rule consolidate various natural products that are accessible all through the year like apples, oranges, and bananas with other outlandish assortments like apricots, kiwis, and berries to make a scope of organic product juices with fascinating names. Juice bars are famous especially among youthful grown-ups nowadays. The juice bars sell items like outlandish juices, energy promoters, masala smoothies, and energizers.

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List of Juice Bar Franchise Opportunities in India:

  • Drunken Monkey
  • Think Juice Franchise
  • Juice Maker Franchise
  • Has Juice Bar Franchise
  • Pure Nectar
  • Cane Xpress Juice Bar
  • The Juice Art
  • Lassi Corner Franchise
  • Oos Ka Joos Sugarcane Juice
  • Juice Lounge

Definite Overview of these Juice Bars:

Drunken Monkey:

Drunken Monkey gives new organic product smoothies to the clients. Samrat Reddy is the pioneer behind the brand. At present, the organization is searching for an establishment accomplice throughout the country. The brand has an established presence in pretty much every significant city including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and some more. For opening a Drunken Monkey outlet, you should have a speculation limit of Rs 20 to 30 Lac.

Think Juice Franchise:

Think Juice is a “Speedy Service CafĂ©” and a little organization “200 sqft SHOP” Fast Food Retail chain. The organization expects to offer Indian buyers new solid clean lassi and mocktails as a better option than the bubbly beverage attacking the country. For beginning a Think Juice establishment store, you should have a 200 Sq Ft retail store with a facing of 10 Ft.

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Juice Maker Franchise- Juice Bar Franchise Opportunities:

The organization Juice Maker conveys solid juices, mixed greens, and morning meals. All things considered, it’s a trendy startup with a dream to make individuals better. The organization works on a membership-based plan of action. Presently, the organization is offering establishment potential open doors in states like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. For opening a Juice Maker establishment business, you should get a 400 to 600 Sq Ft retail space. Likewise, you should have a speculation limit of Rs 10 to 20 Lac.

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A glass of fresh orange juice with fruit oranges

Has Juice Bar Franchise:

The Has Juice serves various kinds of natural product juice without sugar. If the client has any desire to have sugar, the person should illuminate the organization at the time regarding putting in the request. Likewise, the organization serves various kinds of smoothies. Has Juice bar is a Mumbai-based organization. For beginning a Has Juice Bar establishment outlet, you should have a startup venture limit of Rs 15 to 20 Lac.

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Pure Nectar:

Fundamentally, Pure Nectar is a Philipines-based organization. It’s a chief cold-squeezed juice brand that keeps in sync with the solid way of life and in a hurry buyers. One 300mL jug of Pure Nectar contains about a portion of a kilo of crude organic products, vegetables, and spices. It is 100 per cent regular, and unpasteurized, with no added substances or additives. Opening a Pure Nectar establishment store expects moderate to high startup speculation. You should have a startup venture limit of Rs 1 to 2 Cr. for beginning this business.

Cane Xpress Juice Bar Franchise Opportunities:

Cane Xpress resuscitates the new Sugarcane Juice experience in a sterile, sound and reasonable way. It is a Hyderabad-based organization. Triumph Foods Pvt Ltd claims the Cane Xpress Juice bar brand. The organization has a very much arranged strategic organization. It helps in the acquirement and appropriation of the handled stick from the unified cleaning, squeezing, and phytosanitary assessment distribution centre office (at Miyapur) to the Juice Bars in Hyderabad.

The Juice Art:

Delhi-based Sonaya Foodworks claims The Juice Art brand. It is a famous juice and treats parlour. Right now, the organization is offering establishment open doors in Pan India. For beginning The Juice Art establishment store, you should get a retail space of 100 to 500 Sq Ft. Additionally, you should have a venture limit of Rs 10 to 20 Lac.

Lassi Corner Franchise:

Lassi Corner is a Bengaluru-based brand that serves tasty lassi to clients. At present, the organization has north of 76 outlets in the nation over. The organization has outlets running in different sizes and models with cover regions beginning from 90 sq. ft to 1500 sq. ft (Cafes, Restaurants, and Kiosks inside Top IT Companies of the world). For beginning a Lassi Corner establishment store, you should have a 150 – 450 Sq.ft retail space in an exceptional area.

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Oos Ka Joos:

The Oos Ka Joos (wonderful mix) brand offers new sugarcane juice to its clients. This is a Pune-based organization. They utilize mechanically progressed apparatus for setting up the juice. Likewise, the organization gives a reviving beverage in an alluring, eco-accommodating, and watertight pack that is helpful to utilize. Fundamentally, the brand has four unique plans of action. These are home conveyance, over-the-counter, portable squeeze counter, and corporate requests. As of now, the brand is offering establishment open doors in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Goa.

Juice Lounge:

The Black Orchids Pvt. Ltd. possesses the brand Juice Lounge. Essentially, juice relax is a special well-being and juice bar outlet. It gives the cleanest and new squeezes to its clients. As of now, the worldwide brand has a presence in over 6+ nations. The organization is quickly extending its activity in India and Internationally. A low venture opportunity guarantees a fast return. The organization gives preparation and functional help including advertising help to the establishment accomplices.

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