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Stone Crusher Plant Project Cost in India, Types of Stone Crusher, How to Setup? Investment & Profit

Stone Crusher Plant Project Cost in India, Types of Stone Crusher, How to Setup? Investment & Profit

Stone Crusher Plant Project Cost in India: The stone crushing industry is an important industrial sector in the country that is engaged in the production of crushed stone of various sizes depending on the requirement as raw material for various construction activities like construction of roads, highways, bridges, buildings, canals, etc. works. The stone crusher plant is used to produce sand, rock, and stone for construction, highway, railway, and other applications. Fote Heavy Machinery, with 40 years of experience in stone crushing production lines, is proficient in production line process design and has high-cost performance.

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Is the stone crusher plant a profitable business?

The stone crusher plant is in demand for crushing stones and the equipment has had a great sales market in recent years due to its wide application, new design, high production efficiency, strong capacity, and stable operation. The investment prospect of a stone crusher plant is driven by a few external factors. Let’s analyze the investment market of the stone-crushing plants.

Gradually natural sand and gravel resources were exhausted

Natural gravel resources are depleting In recent years, the natural sand and gravel resources have gradually dried up. However, with the development of modern construction projects, the demand for sand and gravel resources is increasing. There is a great demand in the market for artificial stone crusher plants and the investment and profit prospects are promising. People can meet the daily demand for sand and gravel material for construction purposes only by increasing investment in stone crusher plants.

Strong demand for building infrastructure

Strong demand for infrastructure construction The most common use of crushed stone and rock is to make concrete, which greatly affects the strength of concrete. Stone crusher plants can provide coarse aggregate for infrastructure construction industries such as expressway, high-speed railway, seaport, airport, nuclear power, and commercial and residential buildings, so it has a prosperous future.

Return on the Investment budget

The investment cost of a stone factory ranges from hundreds of thousands to several million dollars, which makes a difference in the subsequent capital return cycle. The latter costs are mainly equipment maintenance, labor, transportation costs, etc., of which equipment maintenance is a major part, so the choice of machine is important. The quality of the stone crusher plant is excellent, which usually enables the customer to recover costs more quickly (exact time varies).

How do you set up a stone-crushing plant?

The stone crusher plant is generally composed of a feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, and other equipment. The feeder, vibrating screen, and belt conveyor are all configuration equipment. The main equipment of the stone crusher plant is a crusher. The crushed stone production line is generally divided into coarse (primary), secondary and fine crushing according to the fineness of its output.

Stone Crusher Plant Project Cost in India

How many types of crushers and machines are there?

  • Coarse Crushing Jaw Crusher: The stones mined from the mountain can be crushed into medium size in primary crushing. The size of the finished products after crushing is generally between 10-30cm.
  • Secondary and fine crushing: impact crusher and cone crusher. A cone rock crusher can crush high-hardness stones such as basalt, granite, river pebbles, tuff, volcanic rock, and other rocks; While Impact Rock Crusher can crush low-hardness stones like limestone and blue stone. After secondary crushing, 1-2/1-3 cm stones can be produced directly.
  • Fine Crushing: Sand Making Machine. The stones can be further crushed into fine sand under 5mm, or the stones can be finer-sized.

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Fote Stone Crusher Plant

As a professional stone crusher plant equipment manufacturer, Fote Heavy Machinery insists on providing customers with high-yield, energy-saving and environmental protection rock crushers and other machines.

Fote can customize stone crusher plants for customers. The following will introduce stone crushing production lines with different outputs, including stone crusher plant layout, stone crusher plant machines, and estimated cost of the stone crusher plant.

20 TPH stone crusher plant in India

  • Capacity: 20 TPH
  • Raw Material: Bluestone
  • Estimated Investment: $9,500-$11,000

Hardness of raw material Soft feeding size ≦200mm Type of production line Fixed type of finished products 2 Finished product specification 0-10, 10-20mm

Stone crusher plant machine: the silo, B500x15m belt conveyor, PC600x400 hammer crusher, B500x16m belt conveyor, B500x17m belt conveyor, 2YK1225 vibrating screen, B500x10m belt conveyor (two sets).

Mr. Jagjit Pillai from India said that Fote not only designed the crushing machines but also installed and debugged the equipment for free.

Use of crusher plant

The stone crushing industry is engaged in the production of crushed stone which is used as a raw material for infrastructure projects such as roads, highways, bridges, canal construction, etc. All the projects are considered to be major infrastructure works that give a boom to the economy.

Stone crusher units are not alone. Stone mining is also associated with these plants. In fact, stone mining is the primary activity, and crushing plants is the secondary activity that can be considered.

Stone Crusher Plant Project Cost in India

The raw material used for crushing unit

Coal, stone, granite, limestone, basalt, river stone, andesite calcite, abrasive rocks, glass, and ferrous materials are used for crushing purposes.

Stone crusher plant capacity

The stone crusher plant will be available from 50 TPH to 600 TPH (Tonne Per Hour). The plant can produce 8 types of material. Just to get different types of material you also need to set up a screening plant that separates different materials as per customer or market demand.

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Stone crusher plant works

Through the vibrating feeder, the raw material is slowly processed into the crusher and the crusher crushes the material into respective pieces. From the crusher, the material is conveyed to the belt conveyor for secondary crushing before going to the vibrating screen plant. Vibrating Screen Plant separates quality and qualified materials from the final products.

And the unqualified material is taken back to the stone crusher and reprocessed. Then the material went through the above process. Also, the customer gets the required material as per the standard quality and different sizes. Lastly, the dust generated during the entire process needs to be controlled by various equipment.

Stone Crusher Plant Selection Criteria

Production Requirements – What exactly are your production requirements? Sometimes companies set up plants specifically for specific projects. So you need to consider your overall project requirement. Or if you are ready to supply local construction demand then you should look at the demand for your production material.

Ore Characteristics – The material you want to crush or output. It really influences your decision if you need a good product then you can go for a roller crusher. So according to the requirement of material you need to plant.

Operational Considerations – Operational considerations mean that you may have operational constraints such as location. Location can be an operational constraint or a labor constraint. The plant may be close to your mine which lowers your transpiration cost but you may not allow this to happen.

Capital cost – Different brands, capacities, and types of crushers affect the capital investment which you also need to consider.

Stone Crusher Plant Project Cost in India

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FAQs on Stone Crusher Plant Project Cost in India

Is stone-crushing profitable?
The stone crusher plant is a profitable venture for new entrepreneurs. The demand for quality stone chips is increasing day by day. Land and machinery are the major fixed-cost investments. The major operating costs are raw materials, manpower, and utilities.

How much income is earned from the stone crusher?
The average annual salary in stone crusher is Rs 2.7 lakh

How many types of crusher plants are there?
Crushers are classified into three types depending on the stage of crushing. These are (i) primary crusher, (ii) secondary crusher, and (iii) tertiary crusher. A primary crusher receives material directly from Run of Mine (ROM) after blasting and first size reduction.

How does a crusher plant work?
A jaw crusher essentially consists of two crushing plates, which are inclined to each other, forming a horizontal opening by their lower limits. The material is crushed by mutual pressure between a fixed and a movable plate until the crushed product is small enough to pass through the gap between the crushing plates.

How do I get permission for a stone crusher?
The applicant will need to obtain NOC (Non-Forest Land Certificate) from the Forest and Environment Department for setting up stone crushers in the state.

Which type of stone crusher is best?
Gyratory crushers are an excellent alternative to a primary crusher, as they can handle very hard and abrasive materials. They are ideal for dry to slightly wet materials but not sticky materials. Gyratories are compression crushers primarily used for heavy mining and quarrying materials in extremely high tonnage applications.

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